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IAI Token, Smart Contract Platform for New Era

01-20     Defi speaker

1. The development of blockchain


Blockchain technology is a distributed network data management technology that uses cryptography technology and distributed consensus protocols to ensure network transmission and access security, realizes multi-party data maintenance, cross-validation, consistency across the network, and it is not easy to tamper.  As an important evolution of the new generation of information and communication technology, the blockchain provides new ideas for the management and value release of data elements, and provides a new way to establish a trusted collaboration network for cross-industry entities. After the COVID-19 epidemic, the global economy recovers and the digital economy plays an increasingly important role in development。


Currently, blockchain technology has been recognized by the world, and its development has become an inevitable trend.

In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic will sweep the world, and the uncertainty of world economic development will increase significantly. Governments and enterprises of various countries are exploring the use of emerging technologies to reduce economic and social operating costs, improve the operating efficiency of the real economy, and further seek new growth points for economic development. At present, blockchain combines with cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new technology infrastructures and innovates, and more and more real economy verticals are showing a "blockchain+" development pattern and a good momentum of transforming the economy from fictitious to substantial.


Blockchain technology innovation is still active, and engineering and ecological construction have become the focus.  From a technical perspective, blockchain technology is still in its early stages of development, and patent applications and academic research remain active. However, in order to implement applications as soon as possible, the industry no longer unilaterally pursues new technological innovations, but enters a pragmatic development stage. Countries around the world have made forward-looking layouts around the new generation of artificial intelligence technology and industrial development, and elevated it to a national strategic level.

IAI Token, Smart Contract Platform for New Era

Based on this, Deep Blue Found (DBF) is an innovative company focusing on blockchain technology research and development and related project operations. Headquartered in Colorado, USA, it has a number of global charity, investment and R&D institutions under its control, More than 20 research institutes around the world are distributed in America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific region. The Blockchain Research Institute affiliated to DBF is committed to building the third-generation blockchain commercial public chain, using artificial intelligence as the entry point, and providing enterprise-level blockchain infrastructure and industry solutions

through the advantages of blockchain technology decentralization, non-tampering, and fairness.


In the field of artificial intelligence applications, the IAI Token developed and issued by the Singapore Institute of Technology under DBF is a smart contract platform that supports Turing's completeness, focusing on the new situation, driving factors, and new features of new generations of artificial intelligence, judging the evolution direction of technology such as architecture, algorithm, system, etc., and combing the technical system in detail including the three basic platforms of blockchain technology, cloud computing, and big data and the two general technologies of block pattern recognition and human-computer interaction. It demonstrated in-depth the boundaries and scope of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry, divided the three major industrialization fields of the basic layer, the technical layer, and the application layer, and studied the industrial scale, core technologies, main products, and typical enterprises of specific industrialization directions, including smart sensors, smart chips, algorithm models, voice recognition, image and video recognition, text recognition, robots, intelligent manufacturing systems, intelligent security, and intelligent driving. It finally summarized the characteristics of global investment and financing trends in the field of artificial intelligence in recent years. And the technology and industry development status was systematically compared and trend prospected, and finally seven measures were proposed for development concept, governance system, innovation ability, development basis, capital environment, industry organization, and global coordination, to further promote the continuous, healthy and rapid development of frontier emerging industries and strongly support the deep integration of informatization and industrialization to a new level.


At present, IAI has been launched in European and American regions, Asia-Pacific regions, Singapore regions, and Chinese regions globally. It is expected that in May 2021, the number of participants will exceed 100,000.  In June 2021, IAI public chain internal testing will be launched.


In the continuous development, IAI will combine the needs of individuals from all countries around the world to develop the artificial intelligence industry chain. At the same time, it will collect data from industries and individuals to achieve data differentiation and block differentiation, such as direct analyzing supply and demand data in the industry chain, the demand data of users and producers.


For the collection of artificial intelligence personal data, IAI will build a decentralized database storage mechanism to collect and store everyone's key data, and use personal data as an important basis for extracting social networking, activity trajectory, physical health, medical treatment, etc.  

IAI Token, Smart Contract Platform for New Era

Blockchain is the result of the innovation and development of information technology, and it is also the main booster for business process reconstruction and industrial interaction model innovation in various industries. Although there are many blockchain platforms in the market, and new platforms are constantly appearing. However, there are only a few of platforms that can truly integrate with traditional businesses and enter real life, and there are very few terminal applications that apply blockchain technology. Even Bitcoin, its transaction value is far greater than its use value as currency, which deviates from the ultimate goal of changing society more or less and even subverting the existing business model that blockchain technology is entrusted to.  Our vision is to build a brand new blockchain ecosystem as an optional Internet value transfer protocol in the future world, and push convenience and practicality of the entire blockchain industry one step further, combining blockchain with traditional industry applications and bringing this technology to people's daily lives.

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