Are Blockchain Games Really Unsustainable? FlappyMoonbird Proves Otherwise



The blockchain gaming industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. As per the Polaris Market Research Blockchain Game Report, the total transaction volume of blockchain games is projected to reach $5.41 billion in 2022, with an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 68.9% in the coming years. Nonetheless, despite this upward trend, the PlayforFun model encounters certain sustainability challenges.

The PlayforFun model has gained extensive attention and interest within the realm of blockchain games. It offers players the opportunity to accumulate digital assets by actively participating in games, completing tasks, and earning in-game rewards or cryptocurrencies. This approach has been successfully implemented in games like Axie Infinity, attracting a substantial user base of millions. However, it is not without its drawbacks. As the market expands, an increasing number of projects prioritize profit potential, resulting in games that primarily focus on earning rewards rather than delivering an enjoyable gaming experience. Furthermore, the PlayforFun model may contribute to inflationary pressures, as some games devalue tokens due to excessive reward distribution. Consequently, this model has faced criticism for various reasons:

Unsustainable token economy: The rapid inflation and deflation of in-game tokens frequently result in the short-lived nature of games, making their token economies unsustainable.

Poor Game Quality: Numerous PlayforFun games prioritize revenue generation over providing an enjoyable gaming experience, leading to subpar game quality.

Wealth Inequality: The PlayforFun model often leads to wealth disparity, where players with greater resources can dominate the game, further exacerbating inequality among the player base.

Numerous projects within the industry are actively exploring solutions to these challenges. One such project is FlappyMoonbird, which has secured two rounds of financing totaling 8 million US dollars. This project has successfully addressed the issues of sluggish transaction speeds and high gas costs typically associated with traditional single-chain games by incorporating a multi-chain bridging function. In addition, FlappyMoonbird offers enhanced flexibility, allowing users to effortlessly transfer and manage their crypto assets across various blockchains. By offering this feature, the project enhances user experience and mitigates the limitations imposed by relying solely on a single blockchain.

Addressing the prevailing perception surrounding the quality of Play for Fun games, the FlappyMoonbird team aims to dispel doubts by promptly releasing casual games and consistently updating them based on user feedback and experience. This approach demonstrates their commitment to improving game quality. Notably, their previous titles, such as Jumping Bird and Racing Bird, have already made a modest impact within the industry.

According to information from community sources, FlappyMoonbird intends to launch their third game on opBNB in addition to the BNB and ETH chains. opBNB is a two-layer network built upon OP Stack technology and operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Similar to Ethereum's Optimism Roll-up, opBNB processes and consolidates transaction data off-chain before submitting it to Layer 1, thereby enhancing network performance. It is noteworthy that opBNB is renowned for its exceptionally high throughput, minimal transaction fees, and rapid transaction speeds, all while maintaining the same level of security as Layer 1.

The upcoming bird universe series of card battle games will be introduced to players in the form of turn-based gameplay, incorporating elements of Rogue-like, card battles, and auto chess. This combination ensures a smooth gaming experience with diverse gameplay options. Moreover, the integration of social features and a card-based economic model allows for a fair distribution of profits among players. This organic amalgamation promises to provide players with both enjoyable gameplay and reasonable economic incentives.

FlappyMoonbird actively promotes collaboration and interaction among different blockchain games. In the past, blockchain games often operated independently within their respective ecosystems, creating challenges for connectivity and interoperability. However, FlappyMoonbird’s multi-chain game solution disrupts this scenario by fostering opportunities for cooperation between various game projects. The team has established partnerships with numerous blockchain projects and engaged in collaborations with intellectual property (IP) owners. For instance, FlappyMoonbird is a strategic partner of Binance's Cyberconnect, enabling participants of Bird's Funclub to receive Cyberconnect token rewards. In the future, FlappyMoonbird will continue to collaborate with Cyberconnect to explore more engaging activities, ensuring that all participants reap the associated benefits.

FlappyMoonbird has successfully addressed the issue of sustainability, which is a common concern in the traditional PlayforFun model. In this traditional model, the economic incentive mechanism can often be imbalanced, making it challenging for some players to achieve sustainable benefits. However, FlappyMoonbird tackles this problem with an innovative economic model. It establishes a stable reward mechanism that ensures equilibrium and prosperity within the in-game economy. For instance, in their second game, RacingBird, players have the opportunity to amass significant wealth even with a small investment, enabling latecomers to swiftly accumulate resources. This sustainable economic model attracts more user participation and offers them a stable income source, thereby fostering greater user engagement, loyalty, and investment in the game.

As a multi-chain game solution, FlappyMoonbird brings new hope for the sustainable development of the blockchain game industry. By solving the technical bottleneck of single-chain games, promoting collaboration between game projects and creating a sustainable economic model, FlappyMoonbird provides players with a better gaming experience and brings greater room for development to the entire industry. With the further maturity and innovation of technology, we have reason to believe that the blockchain game industry will gradually develop steadily with the emergence of more solutions and more interesting projects. The bull market is approaching, and a colorful world is about to unfold.

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