• Orcauboat Waters Cleaning Robots,brings new market opportunities

    Orcauboat focuses on the research and business of surface unmanned driving technology and Waters surface cleaning robot. Till now, Orcauboat is one of the most widely used with largest units in active waters cleaning serivce in the world.
  • G coin: Guo Wengui's farce of collecting money

    Background: In March,2020,Guo Wengui listed a brand-new digital currency-G coin in Apple Store. On the live broadcast platform, Guo Wengui declared that it is a brand-new decentralized currency and the world's only gold standard currency except sovereign currency, which is part of its creation of "G Ecology", and said that "G currency can be circulated all over the world in the future, and used fo
  • Malaysia set to return as a top medical tourism destination post-pandemic

    Malaysia's high-quality medical services have made the country a popular medical tourism destination for people from around the world. Though this has not been the case recently due to pandemic travel restrictions, it is widely believed that the country will once again return as a favoured medical destination for people from across Asia and the rest of the world.
  • What are the characteristics and advantages of the handheld laser marking machine?

    The hand-held laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking machine. It can be used for handheld operation. It is very convenient to use and relieves the trouble of using other equipment. And the equipment is easy to carry, flexible, environmentally friendly and energy-saving
  • BunnyPark Reduced Many Conventional DeFi Functions to Focus on SaaS Construction

    On 5th October 2021, BunnyPark announced on Twitter the removal of all Farms (except BP-BNB Farm) and MDX CropPool as well as a 10% output reduction of CAKE CropPool. The output reduction upgrade plan is in line with BunnyPark’s future direction to focus on SaaS construction in order to incubate more excellent NFT + GameFi developer teams and projects on Binance Smart Chain.
  • The Identification of Prestressed Concrete Pipe Pile shall be Convenient Identification by Hand-held Inkjet Printer

    Prestressed concrete pipe pile was first used in the infrastructure construction of railway bridge engineering. With the rapid development of economic construction, it is widely used in industrial and civil construction, municipal administration, metallurgy, port, highway and other fields.
  • The 2021 Zhejiang (Long You)Export Online Fair (Worldwide- Sports & healthy )

    The 2021 Zhejiang (Long You)Export Online Fair (Worldwide- Sports & healthy ) will officially launch on October 25 which is hosted by China Council For The Promotion Of International Trade Quzhou Chamber. Commerce Bureau of Quzhou City and specifically undertaken by Bureau of Economy and Information Technology of Longyou(CCPIT Longyou County )、Zhejiang International Trade Exhibition Co.33 supplier
  • China Eastern Airlines Becomes "Core Supporting Enterprise and Designated Air Carrier for the 4th CIIE"

    Recently, as the countdown to the opening ceremony of the 4th CIIE (the 4th China International Import Expo) was underway, the China International Import Expo Bureau and NECC (National Exhibition and Convention Center ,Shanghai), issued an honorary certificate to China Eastern Airlines Group, designating it as the "core supporting enterprise and designated air carrier for the 4th CIIE".
    10-20     Associated Press
  • Midea's landmark automatic rice cooker sparks industry changes

    Recently, Midea’s new automatic Royce rice cooker was launched at Canton Fair. This is Royce’s first appearance on the world culinary stage, and it is another pioneering work that combines “perfect science and technology with everyday life,” which leads the global trend and opens the era of smart cooking. Royce, as a truly “fully-automatic” innovation, has attracted great attention in the cooking
  • Velké Globální Vydání Globálního Rozvoje Skupiny TIENS: Swap, Transcendence a Úspěch

    Pamatujete si ještě, jak v roce 2015 jedna soukromá společnost zorganizovala pro více než 6700 zaměstnanců cestu do francouzského Nice a vytvořila Guinnessův světový rekord, o kterém informovala mainstreamová média ve 167 zemích po celém světě a stala se globální novinkou? Mnoho vědců, odborníků a médií je zvědavých a zkoumá, o jakou společnost se jedná a jak dosáhla tak globálního úspěchu za pouh
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