Arjun Singh and the Singer Finance Academy's formula for success: financial wisdom and educational innovation


Professor Arjun Singh and his Singer Finance Academy are leaders in the volatile global financial markets. They have not only led innovations in financial education, but have also achieved remarkable success in the field of investing, demonstrating how to navigate through volatile markets.


Prof. Arjun Singh began his career with a dual Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Philosophy from Durham University, followed by a Master's Degree in Finance and Investment from the same institution. This solid academic background provided him with a solid foundation for his career path and in 2011, he joined the globally recognized McKinsey & Company as a consultant providing strategic and business advice to clients, and soon after worked as a hedge fund analyst in the City of London. His keen insights into the market and decisive decision-making have led him to great success in blockchain investments, which have returned more than a hundredfold by 2018. Behind this success is his deep understanding of financial market dynamics and precise control of risk management.

Meanwhile, Singer Finance Academy has become a leader in financial education under his leadership. The academy not only focuses on the training of top venture capitalists, but also plays an important role in the operation of the venture capital system and the construction of the World Venture Capital Forum. It has established close partnerships with Forbes' top 100 venture capitalists and maintains good interactions and exchanges with globally renowned finance colleges and universities, such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester. These partnerships not only enhance the School's teaching strength, but also provide students with unparalleled learning and practice opportunities.

At the core of Prof. Arjun Singh's philosophy in the field of investment is the balance of caution and courage. He is a firm believer that the wisest course of action is to be vigilant when others in the market exhibit greed; and that the best time for opportunity is when others are fearful. This reverse thinking not only reflects his deep understanding of market psychology, but also demonstrates his calmness and decisiveness in the face of market volatility. For example, in the early days of blockchain technology, when most investors were on the fence about this emerging field, Arjun Singh keenly captured its potential and decisively invested in it, which ultimately paid off handsomely.

At Singer Finance Academy, this mindset is incorporated in the teaching. The academy not only teaches theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes on practical experience. Through simulated investment projects, case studies and interactions with industry experts, the Academy develops students' market perception and risk management skills. This combination of theoretical and practical teaching methods enables the Academy's graduates not only to acquire financial knowledge, but also to apply it flexibly in the real world.

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