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Bosma, The holidays just got better.


The holidays are around the corner. For many major brands this year, the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday will no longer be just in one day; instead, it will become one long, drawn-out sale through the holidays and beyond, and this has been the trend in recent years. As one of the major players in the smart home industry, Bosma is one of the brands that redefines the term "Black Friday." This year, Bosma's Black Friday sales will start on Nov 23 and run through Dec 6.

Unlike Nest, Ring, or Arlo, which all followed the same basic formula of the more you pay, the more you get. Bosma breaks that mold by offering attractive products for anyone's budget. Here are the products Bosma is offering this holiday season.


The Bosma X1 is Bosma's flagship smart hub security camera. It has all the bells and whistles of a regular security camera; 1080 FHD camera, 24/7 live view, motion detection, two-way audio, and even a 360-degree panning function. However, compared to other security cameras, the X1 has three unique features: a build-in gateway (hub), color night vision, and a 110 dB siren; these functions are rarely found in other camera products. The X1's build-in gateways allow the camera to connect and work with other peripheral devices such as door and window sensors and motion sensors. It can detect motion and activities outside the range of its camera lens, send real-time notifications to your phone when the sensors are triggered. The 110 dB siren will be set off from the camera as well. With the color night vision function, Bosma X1 can capture vivid color images, even in a lowlight environment, allows better monitoring capability at night. The Bosma X1 supports up to 128GB local storage as well as optional cloud storage, you have the freedom to choose where to store your precious memories.

During the Black Friday sales event, the X1 is running a 40% discount and offers 3 variations of the camera, available on both and .


The Bosma Sentry is a unique modular doorbell offered by Bosma. It is the world's first versatile modular design video doorbell with advanced AI functions. The Doorbell has a 1080P Full HD camera lens and real 2-way audio, lets you see and talk to your visitors, receive instant notification when the Doorbell detects motion or the bell rings. It allows the user to send and receive messages when they are away from home. The Doorbell comes equipped with color night vision, advanced motion sensors, and LED lights for better detectability and visibility under lowlight conditions. Users will tell if a stranger or a friend is at the door with the advanced AI functions. Most importantly, the Doorbell can actively prevent package theft using the package detection function and its 110dB siren.

This high-tech doorbell is currently running a 40% discount during Black Friday's sales event, available at $97.99 on .


The Bosma Aegis smart door lock turns your current deadbolt into a smart lock in 10 minutes. It only replaces the indoor thumb turn portion of your existing deadbolt and keeps your door's exterior unchanged, so you can still use your physical key as a backup. With convenient features like auto-lock and auto-unlock, you would never need to worry about fumbling for keys when you leave or return home. Aegis is also equipped with security features such as Door Ajar Detection and Break-in Detection to make your home safer. You can also pair the door lock with the Sentry doorbell for the ultimate front door security for features like fingerprint unlocks and remote unlock.

During the Black Friday sales event, both the Aegis and the Aegis + Sentry bundle are running a 30% discount, selling at $83.99 and $174.99 respectively, available on .


The Bosma XC is another excellent security camera with an unbeatable price tag. Like the X1, the XC has a 1080P FHD camera lens, 360°panning rotation, two-way audios, motion detection, and a 110dB siren. The XC also has a build-in gateway for expanding detection. The only thing the XC does not have is the color night vision. However, with 4-bulb infrared enhanced night vision, the XC can distinguish 20 steps of gray and provides clear images in the night up to 30 feet away.

The XC is available from $41.99-$55.99 depends on the different mode you purchase, is also running a 30% off discount. Available on both and .


The Bosma CapsuleCam (CC) is a small form factor home security camera that boasts a 162-degree wide-angle lens, color night vision, and local storage for motion-triggered footage. The CC looks like a cross between R2D2 and one of Gru's minions than a smart camera. The white, pint-sized 1080p camera captures video at a 30fps and has a wide 162-degree field of view. It uses a starlight CMOS sensor to provide color video in almost any lighting condition. It also has infrared LED technology to provide black-and-white night vision when there's not enough light for color. The CC is excellent for baby and pet monitoring since it can also detect sound and motion. If you're in the market for an affordable home security camera but don't want to be saddled with monthly cloud storage fees, the Bosma CapsuleCam is the one to go.

During the Black Friday Sales, the CapsuleCam (CC) is running a 30% discount, available on both and from $34.99.

Bosma is excited to offer our loyal and new customers these discounts, so don't miss this incredible opportunity for the perfect holiday gift for you, your family, or anyone you care to share safety and security with. Bosma, Simply Better.

Contact Info:

Company: BOSMA USA Inc

Contact: Steven Zhao

Address: 46707 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538

Tel: +1 (800) 976-0881




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