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CTDC receives tens of millions of dollars in Series C financing


Recently, CTDC, a carbon energy currency dedicated to building the strongest consensus on blockchain carbon trading, announced that it has received tens of millions of US dollars in Series C financing. This round of financing was led by Doug Capital, Consensus Labs and Chain Capital.  The CTDC founder said that this round of financing is only used to do two things, the first CTDC technology development, and the second CTDC community construction.

Since the end of the 20th century, with the intensification of climate change (global warming), how to control greenhouse gas emissions has become the focus of global attention.  From the adoption of the "Kyoto Protocol" treaty in Kyoto, Japan in December 1997, to the G20 summit in September 2016, China and the United States took the lead in submitting the ratification of the "Paris Climate Change Agreement" to the United Nations. Every step is  The efforts and consensus reached by human beings to improve the balance between their own development and the ecological environment; from the rise of the European carbon market, to the establishment and operation of the US carbon exchange, to the launch of China's carbon pilot work, all have responded  It reflects that the green emission reduction mechanism with the country as the main body has become the common responsibility and obligation of mankind; from mandatory emission reduction, to the introduction of clean development mechanism (CDM) CDM, voluntary emission reduction, to quota pledge, carbon futures, and carbon swaps.  Both reflect the evolution trend from emission control to green and sustainable finance.  Control and discharge has gradually evolved from the initial consensus stage to an international and national macro strategy, and it has become an important area that reflects national influence.  In this process, the green industry derived from emission control is particularly critical, and the development of the industry cannot be separated from financial support.

The core of the blockchain is to solve the consensus problem, which is typically the Byzantine problem. How to reach a consensus in a scenario where multiple parties participate can be easily solved in the blockchain world.  In the green field, especially carbon trading, the most prominent problem is the consensus problem.

Since emission reduction directly affects economic development, it will inevitably involve the balance between developed and developing countries, the balance between economy and environment, and even political games based on national interests.  The differences in national conditions, economic development conditions, and policy concepts between developed and developing countries, as well as between governments and enterprises, and between enterprises and enterprises, due to different fields and environmental/development systems, will lead to a lengthy process of reaching international consensus.  Issues such as the slow implementation of national policies.  In this process, a system or platform similar to the Bitcoin system is needed to help countries, enterprises, and domestic enterprises reach consensus.  The use of blockchain technology to build such a system has its natural advantages. It can cross-domain (country/enterprise), and it operates securely and stably 7x24 hours. Undoubtedly, blockchain will be the best choice for consensus in the green field.

Nowadays, the pioneer in the application of blockchain technology in the energy industry-Carbon Energy Coin CTDC has made a big debut. As a blockchain project closely integrated with carbon sink assets, Carbon Energy Coin will be used in depth based on the actual carbon sink industry.  Blockchain technology builds a new carbon trading ecosystem and promotes the decentralization of carbon trading.

Carbon energy coins can enable consumers to profit through self-produced carbon sink assets or decentralized storage solutions, and use the obtained carbon sink assets to directly participate in carbon trading.  Specifically, Carbon Energy Coin uses the blockchain decentralization protocol to create a transparent, worry-free, and efficient low-carbon life platform in combination with decentralized carbon emission scenarios.

The carbon asset trading platform based on the new blockchain technology-Carbon Energy Coin will promote more seamless collaboration between various participants, and the data record sharing ledger of any node in the multi-node network will greatly reduce the development of carbon assets.  time.

At the same time, with the "non-tamperable" feature of blockchain technology, Carbon Energy Coin will ensure that the data of each node is traceable, transparent and real-time visible to the members of the chain, thereby reducing unnecessary notarization processes.

In addition, Carbon Energy Coin has compiled 200 million tons of carbon assets into smart contracts, which will also automatically calculate developable carbon asset quotas for emission reduction companies.

The entire process of carbon energy coin becomes transparent, visible, and information sharing.  In the future, with the further development and maturity of blockchain technology and the widespread deployment of energy Internet of Things, the development time cycle and economic costs of carbon assets will be further reduced, the production efficiency of carbon assets will be greatly improved, and the production and management of carbon assets will be reduced.  Cost to ensure the efficient and rapid circulation of carbon assets in the market.

At present, Carbon Energy Coin has received a strategic investment of tens of millions of dollars from Doug Capital to help Carbon Energy Coin's research and innovation in the field of blockchain technology, as well as its exploration in the field of blockchain carbon trading applications.  In addition to Doug Capital, participants in this investment also include institutions such as Consensus Labs and Chain Capital.  The carbon energy coin has been unanimously recognized and supported by many institutions in the industry, which is an affirmation of its technical strength and an optimistic view of its development potential.

Undoubtedly, the capital injection of big capital virtually endorsed the carbon energy coin.  Regardless of whether big capital or individual investors, their confidence in carbon energy coins is constantly improving.  Based on this speculation, the accumulating CTDC is expected to break through in the short term, linking with other currencies, and promoting the currency market to rise.

The founder of CarbonCoin believes that this investment from a global industry leader is an important recognition of CTDC's long-term commitment to creating a world-class blockchain environmental protection solution.

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