• U.S. Government Wants to Launch Democracy Summit -U.S. Patronage Still Justified?

    Already during the election campaign, U.S. President Joe Biden expressed the wish to convene a "Summit for Democracy". Now the time has come. The meeting will take place under the auspices of the United States to discuss topics such as anti-corruption, anti-authoritarianism, and human rights.
  • Youkey Public Link Global No de Campaign poll officially opened on May 8 , 2 0 2 1

    After the successful node campaign, Youkey public chain will launch several phenomenal applications, YKswap will be in the DEX track and realize multi-chain cross-chain applications through the cross-chain bridge.
  • Big Data of KaDa Story Shows: Children’s Digital Reading Volume Has Risen and 2-Years-Old Becomes the Starting Line for Reading

    The Chinese Academy of Press and Publication (CAPP) and the KaDa Research Center of Children Reading jointly released the 2020 China Children’s Digital Reading Report on April 16th. The report analyzes the current situation and trends of contemporary children’s digital reading in diverse dimensions based on 10 billion pieces of data obtained from KaDa Story. As for the age of children's reading an
  • Enter CBX and learn about a privacy revolution

    "Internet plus" big data era: is your personal privacy data secure?
  • Wellington College International Day celebrations

    On Wednesday, Wellington International School Hangzhou had the pleasure of hosting its first ever International day for preschool education. What an experience. The day commenced with the calling of drums by Year 5 and Year 6 pupils followed by a variety of workshops led by the Wellington staff. Year 1 to Year 4 pupils discovered various countries, such as Nigeria, Argentina and Canada while the S
  • Innovating for the future Science Week at Wellington

    The study of science is about asking questions based on the observation of the world around us. It enables us to understand why things happen the way they do and our own unique place in the universe. At Wellington,one of the best schools in Hangzhou, we split this study into three disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • International Parliamentary Debate Competition at Wellington

    Our students have recently been involved in a debating competition that works with over 200 international school teams. This competition will place our students against the very best debaters in the world and has already provided our students with valuable experiences that will aid them beyond their school lives living in Hangzhou.
  • How to make date and batch coding on pharmaceuticals boxes

    Carton box is the main packaging form for the products of pharmaceuticals, and the product identification code is usually on the packaging box. Pharmaceutical companies mark products before they leave the factory, and there are two main types of coding, one is coding in empty boxes, and the other is coding after packaging. Empty box coding is generally combined with automatic paging machine.
  • Core is Key IGCSE English

    IGCSE English during Year 10 and Year 11 will split into different contingents. For some students of Expat community in Hangzhou, they will follow an English as a second language track, others will look at English as a first language, finally, some students will study English literature alongside their English language qualification.
  • Wellington scholarship opportunities for 2021

    Wellington,one of an international schools in Hangzhou, regularly recognises and rewards the pursuit and achievement of excellence of pupils in the categories of academics, music and sports. Many of the awarded scholarships provide tuition support, coaching and other benefits for pupils. In addition, awards may be complemented by a bursary on the basis of a means test.


Detailed introduction of the lighting sources of colorful lanterns


       Colorful lanterns are actually not used for lighting, but a very common decorative light source, commonly used in architectural decoration, especially in cultural places, commercial decoration and advertising. Colorful lanterns are a kind of glow discharge light source, mainly composed of lamps, electrodes and lead wires.

        The tube of colorful lanterns is a sealed glass tube, the diameter is generally 5~45mm, but the commonly used tube diameter is 6~20mm. The glass tube can be colorless or colored, and the inner wall can be painted Apply phosphor.

   After the tube is evacuated, it is usually filled with one or more neon, argon, helium and other inert gases, and it can also be filled with a small amount of mercury. According to the color of the tube glass, the nature of the phosphor and the gas filled, a variety of colorful lanterns with different light colors can be obtained. Both ends of the colorful lanterns glass tube will be equipped with copper electrodes, and the surface has been chemically treated to prevent corrosion.

Colorful lanterns

  The wire leading from the electrode and connected to the power source is called the lead-in wire, and it is required to have the same thermal shrinkage performance as glass. In order to prevent the glass from splitting, it is usually made of nickel alloy. When a high voltage of 10 to 15 kV is applied to both ends of the colorful lanterns through a transformer, the gas in the tube is excited by ionization, causing the gas in the tube to conduct and emit a colorful glow.

   Colorful lanterns generally use transformers, that is, transformers with high magnetic flux leakage, which have high open circuit voltage to ensure the conduction of colorful lanterns. Once turned on, the voltage will drop due to the existence of magnetic leakage, which will limit the lamp current. Even if the secondary circuit is short-circuited, the short-circuit current is only about 15%~25% higher than the normal operating current due to increased magnetic leakage. When the secondary open-circuit voltage of the transformer is higher than 7500V, the secondary winding usually has a center tap , And ground, which can reduce the voltage of the transformer secondary in the working state to ground, thus reducing the risk.


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