• To make learning fun- intelligent aesthetics of Genius App

    ​Genius, a promising B2C Internet consulting application, recently has been launched in all app stores. Genius was developed by Shanghai Educational Technology Group Inc (the China subsidiary of Genius Holding (Asia) Group), a leading technology company that specializes in overseas education and business consulting.
  • Rural revitalization | Nanjing Jiangning: Turn green mountains into a happy

    "Rooms for the 1st and 2nd have been fully booked, more than 80 percent of them have been booked online during Golden Week." On the morning of September 23, the booking phone of "Longxiang Shuangfan" Home Stay Reception Center in Hengxi Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing rang non-stop. Wu Haiyan, a receptionist, told the reporter that it would be difficult to find a room during the National Day h
  • QTQ creates a new era of digital assets in the future

    With the advent of 5G era and big data era, the era of digital assets has undergone a qualitative change, and the data economy of the Internet has made a leap. However, the economic growth has not been popularized to everyone. With the increasing variety of digital assets, the management difficulty is gradually increasing, and the security, privacy and portability cannot be effectively guaranteed.
  • XTransfer Enlarges Global Partnership Network, Offers Premium Cross-border Financial Services to SMEs

    Cross-border financial services leader XTransfer taps into growing user base, stronger ties with industry leader​
  • Develop self-regulated learning at Wellington

    Teachers at Wellington, one of the best international schools in Shanghai, know the importance of cultivating children's capacity for autonomous learning. One of the most powerful tools learners can develop is the ability to monitor and direct their learning. Self-regulated learners are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, can motivate themselves to engage in their learning, and most important
  • Easing the transition from early years to pre-prep

    ​At Wellington College International Shanghai's newly-opened, purpose-built Early Years Centre, we aim to equip our pupils for future challenges from the very beginning educational journey. Our curriculum is on par with that of the best international schools in Shanghai. It makes learning fun, enjoyable and accessible, while carefully preparing them for the next stage of their academic efforts.
  • First entrepreneurial breakfast meeting held in Jiangning district Stable and sustainable sailing in the new development pattern of ‘double cycle’

    This year is determined as ‘enterprise service year’ by the municipal party committee and municipal government. On September 24, 2020, the special activity ‘enterprise-benefited breakfast meeting’ for key industrial enterprises was held in Jiangning district, where the party secretary of district committee, Li Shigui, had breakfast with the heads of the top-30-industrial-output companies in the di
  • Revolutionizing the traditional insurance industry, are you on the BIG insurance chain?

    With the continuous waves of disruptive innovation, the insurance industry is transforming far faster than digital transformation. Changes in customer demand and the reform of the economy are gradually changing the industry. The emergence of blockchain technology not only proposes brand-new solutions to the issues faced by traditional insurance, but also solves insurance’s “last mile” problem, tha
  • Körber set to roll out the largest deployment of autonomous mobile robots in Australia and New Zealand for leading online retailer Catch Group

    MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 25, 2020 /HAIXUNPRESS/ -- Catch Group, part of the Wesfarmers Group and one of Australia's largest online retailers, has partnered with Körber to deploy autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at its distribution centre in Truganina, Victoria.
  • Drive System Functions in Smartwatch for Reliable Performance

    ZHAOWEI Drive is proud to announce a drive system with high torque and low speed, which functions in smartwatch for reliable performance. It opens new areas for a compact package with impressive torque capabilities without compromising on the smooth operation and long service life expected from ZHAOWEI.


GPC global payment, the protagonist has arrived

09-15     Coinsure

GPC (Global payments coin) creates the world's first ecological mining payment public chain, and launches payment channels for GPC digital assets to exchange global and mainstream digital assets and legal currency, and finally form an aggregated DeFi financial platform to help users achieve true meaning Convenient, efficient and low-cost decentralized financial services.

The GPC development team independently developed many core technologies including micropayments, which significantly solved the transmission inefficiency of the existing blockchain system. It is the world's most convenient and safest encrypted payment application. GPC has created a new area Blockchain asset payment network, the use of micro-payment network can realize zero-cost fast payment of blockchain assets. At the same time, GPC integrates the blockchain payment channels of various digital assets into an sdk interface to create a variety of blockchain payment scenarios The open tools provided to merchants and enterprises will eventually create an open ecosystem based on blockchain finance.

GPC takes payment as an entry point, focusing on digital asset exchange, data cross-domain authorization, decentralized transaction services, games and gambling, education and training, supply chain financing channels, releasing the characteristics of open financial freedom, and building a new borderless digital finance The world allows millions of investors to embrace the trend and embrace wealth.

Ecological mining incentives

GPC can effectively solve the problems of traditional financial cross-border payment, allowing transactions and finance to be on the same frequency and safely on the chain. It is the greatest project of 2020.

The vast majority of GPC output will be produced in the form of ecological mining. In the GPC ecological network, users will receive GPC rewards for every normal transaction. In addition, after GPC migrates to the autonomous public chain , The fuel cost of each transaction on the chain will be 100% given to the contributor.

GPC's layout in DEFI distributed finance

In the GPC ecosystem, payment, deposit, loan, remittance, transaction and other businesses have everything. Nodes, users, operators and other roles cooperate with each other. Digital assets and digital assets, digital assets and traditional legal currencies can be seamlessly connected. GPC is built The unimpeded blockchain financial ecology allows digital assets to circulate freely around the world and generate value.

The first pillar: users cross-chain mortgage digital assets, and global financial institutions provide users with legal currency lending services to achieve legal currency on-chain compliance lending.

The second pillar: Introduce the financial innovation model of "low-interest borrowing, holding currency to earn interest" to reduce global lending rates.

The third pillar: carry out the decentralized transaction business of on-chain settlement and off-chain matching, allowing free trading of legal currency and digital currency on the chain.


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