MERRILL launches a dual attack with MLEX and ML, Sounding the Horn of Global Compliance


In recent years, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been fundamentally changing the way value is exchanged, much like how the internet initially transformed the exchange of information. Currently, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies worldwide has reached nearly $1.7617 trillion, with assets under management in spot Bitcoin ETFs reaching $10 billion. Experts like Michaël van de Poppe predict that the cryptocurrency bull market's market cap will surpass $2.2 trillion by 2024. With such enormous market potential, the industry as a whole urgently needs new innovations to meet the cryptographic transaction and asset appreciation needs of global users.

MERRILL TECHNOLOGY LTD., based in New York, USA, is a well-known technology company mainly engaged in cryptocurrency exchange platforms and Web3 ecosystem development. It currently holds regulatory licenses from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Money Services Business (MSB). Its SEC registration number is CIK 0002006035, and its MSB regulatory number is 31000233581220. With bases in New York and Colorado, USA, the company's main business focuses on Singapore and Vietnam. Currently, its global membership covers 10 countries and regions, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan (China), Indonesia, Singapore, India, Israel, Nigeria, Thailand, and the Philippines.


MERRILL provides a powerful platform for global enterprises and individuals to participate in the digital economy, promote innovation, and foster growth. It aims to create a business complex that integrates blockchain with the real economy, providing a more transparent, secure, and accessible way for quantitative trading and investment management in the digital financial ecosystem. MERRILL aims to build a complete Web3 ecosystem, offering strong support for the digital financial sector by integrating Web3.0, AI artificial intelligence, and RWA, creating a secure, efficient, and globally distributed financial trading ecosystem.

In 2024, both the global cryptocurrency market capitalization and trading volume are expected to surpass previous highs. Such a vast trading market requires more and better trading platforms to support it. Based on its overall ecosystem layout, MERRILL is set to launch MLEX decentralized exchange (DEX), facilitating the trading of value-generating digital currencies through blockchain technology while maintaining profitability. Additionally, MERRILL will introduce ecosystem governance token ML as the sole token of the entire ecosystem, planning a scientific, trustworthy, and value-oriented issuance and distribution economic model.

The goal of MERRILL's MLEX exchange is to enable all participants in the platform, including global enterprises, entrepreneurs, investors, and project parties, to benefit from investment profits, networking resources, funding support, and project assistance through the circulation of platform token ML.

Token Name: ML

Total Supply: 2 billion

Issue Price: 0.0002U per token, with a bottom pool of 500 million ML per 100,000 U

Distribution Mechanism:

25% for staking airdrop, 1% of platform deposits

25% for perpetual LP

15% for ecosystem shareholders lock-up

35% for MINT minting

Deflation Mechanism:

Transaction tax: 6% each for buy and sell (On ML-enabled lottery trading: 6% each for buy and sell; 3% burn bonus; 1% LP flow back; 1% ecosystem shareholder bonus; 1% marketing promotion)

3% burn bonus (paid in BNB)

1% LP flow back to the bottom pool (transferred to the black hole)

1% ecosystem shareholders

1% marketing promotion

Special Mechanism: Burn deflation bonus (paid in BNB)

In the first quarter of 2024, MERRILL will recruit ecosystem shareholders based on the deployment of MLEX decentralized exchange and ML platform token, incentivizing the global community and enthusiasts through deploying airdrop subcontracts; and introducing the MINT plan, with a tentative total of 7,000 units, priced at 20 U per unit, with each unit containing 100,000 ML tokens, distributed over 4 phases.


2023 was a year of rapid development for MERRILL. Significant achievements were made in both the quantitative trading sector, public chain sector, as well as in global compliance efforts and community expansion.


In 2024, compliance and globalization have become the main themes of the cryptocurrency industry. Institutions that can quickly achieve compliance in the global market are inevitably poised to lead the next round of development in the cryptocurrency industry. MERRILL has strategically chosen compliance in New York, California, Singapore, and Vietnam, obtaining SEC registration and MSB approval licenses. With the dual approach of MLEX and ML tokens, MERRILL is building a secure and efficient global distributed financial trading ecosystem, positioning itself as a vanguard in the development of compliance and globalization.

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