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Magic Box's path to change


At this time last year, the DeFi ecosystem on Ether saw explosive growth, blowing the trumpet for the rise of DeFi. As a result, liquidity mining started to rise, after which numerous tracks emerged and hundreds of DeFi products were multiplied. At that time, due to the super high returns in the DeFi space, money kept moving to the DeFi market, with a spurt of users entering, and the IDO activities around DeFi were numerous and varied. At the end of last year, after the DeFi market experienced a bubble, IDO activities tended to calm down, DeFi business gradually returned to the essence, and in the mainstream track of lending, stable coins, DEX, prophecy machines and insurance derivatives, more project parties chose to fold and lurk, dedicated to the development of DeFi products that can really serve the users.

During this period of quiet reflection, the Magic Box technical team, through careful polishing, delivered a disruptive product, Magic Box, to the eyes of the world.

DeFi's Technology Flower in the Age of Multi-Chains - Magic Box

In the era of blossoming DeFi, a large number of projects have been launched, with different solution directions and different public chains, leading to the fact that although the DeFi field as a whole is excellent, it has been a problem in terms of unity, and although the projects are excellent, there is no unified direction, so the development is very strained. UniSwap and PancakeSwap are typical cases, in different ecological dark tug-of-war.

Magic Box perfectly captures the applications of these different public chains through a multi-chain parallel support protocol. Through cross-chain ecological compatibility, all these projects can access the Magic Box ecology through the bridge to achieve value conversion, and in the whole process, Magic Box is more like an important hub that bridges different projects.

Especially in the future development of diversified DeFi, Magic Box's inclusiveness brings more opportunities and development. magic Box through this initiative way, is equal to bind themselves to the development of the blockchain industry chariot, the more prosperous the industry, the more prosperous Magic Box ecology, a glory and prosperity.

In the future of multi-chain competition, the sober Magic Box may be the biggest winner!

Magic Box layout mainstream track, let the value back to the essence

The main track of DeFi applications contains DEX, lending, aggregators, synthetic assets, collateralized stablecoins, algorithmic stablecoins, Layer2, prophecy machines, etc. Although the fields vary, all of these DeFi applications share some common characteristics, including.

-Using the underlying blockchain as the core ledger.

-Open source of default code.

-No third party required.

-Anyone with access.

-Interoperability and programmability.

Magic Box has unified the business layer for these functions. In terms of the underlying code, the core ledger of Magic Box ecology is used as the computing logic, and a transparent and open environment is built through the distributed ecology of Magic Box.

In terms of access rights, Magic Box can supervise their own information to decide their own access rights by claiming their own MID for each user. In terms of operability and programmability, Magic Box is using a highly compatible API and a completely open bottom layer, which is very convenient for developers to pan DApps.

After meeting the core needs of DeFi, Magic Box will be fully compatible with all applications in this track of DeFi, achieving ecological compatibility, drawing traffic from the entire cryptocurrency DeFi space, and bringing strong value support for itself.

Diversification mechanism to return profits to the public

Ordinary public chain development does not allow users to enjoy the value dividends therein, users are just as a data, mediocre in the whole public chain ecology, the rise and fall of public chain users can not profit in it.

Magic Box has changed this way of value distribution, through the curve benefit distribution system of comprehensive income, to achieve financial inclusion, so that many general public can also enjoy the industry dividends brought by Magic Box.

1. Dual-line investment income, users can freely choose how to participate in DeFi Finance

①: Mainstream currency (local currency) + MB

Medium Risk

Long-term bullish mainstream coin price, the local currency is 100% safe, bear the risk of mainstream coin price rise or fall and 20% MB price fluctuation, enjoy the double gain of mainstream coin and MB price increase.

Mainstream coins BNB, BTC, ETH.

80% mainstream coins + 20% MB (1.5 times daily earnings)

70% mainstream coins + 30% MB (1.2 times daily earnings)

50% Mainstream Coins + 50% MB (1.0 times daily earnings)

②:USDT(local currency)+MB

Low risk type

USDT is a stable coin, the local currency is 100% safe and bears the risk of only 20% of MB price fluctuations.

The two flexible investment portfolios allow users to invest freely in line with market expectations, and this openness and freedom of MB Investments is in line with the open and free nature of DeFi Finance.

2. Comprehensive diversified income, find your ecological positioning

①Market Incentives

The higher the VIP level, the more significant the agent revenue and dividend output will be.

②VIP progression system

Bronze level: No need to destroy MB, enjoy 1 generation

Enjoy 1 generation of 10% dividend income, only once, direct push users will not be profitable when the second income

Silver level: destroy 300U MB and enjoy 1 generation

Enjoy 15% dividend income for 1 generation, 12% dividend income for 2 generations, 10% dividend income for 3 generations, and get out when the number of MB is destroyed 3 times.


Gold level: destroy 500U MB and enjoy 5 generations

Enjoy 17% dividend income for 1 generation, 12% dividend income for 2 generations, 10% dividend income for 3 generations, 7% dividend income for 4 generations, 4% dividend income for 5 generations, and get out when the number of MB is destroyed 5 times

Diamond level: Destroy 1000U MB, enjoy 8 generations

Enjoy 17% dividend income in generation 1, 12% dividend income in generation 2, 10% dividend income in generation 3, 7% dividend income in generation 4, 4% dividend income in generation 5, 3% dividend income in generation 6, 2% dividend income in generation 7, 1% dividend income in generation 8, and get out when the number of MB is destroyed 8 times

Concluding remarks

Magic Box emerged from the inevitable development of entropy. Magic Box is not only an innovation in technology, but also a great innovation in the history of civilization, which will stimulate the energy of the user community and co-author the great autonomous DeFi community of the future. I believe that under the layout of Magic Box, the innovative and open DeFi solution will help the whole world realize the autonomy and democratization of financial services, which is the opening chapter of the future of finance, and for Magic Box, everything is just beginning.

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