• World's first C919Aircraft delivered to China Eastern Airlines

    SHANGHAI, 9 December 2022 - On Dec. 9, the world's first C919 aircraft, with registration number of B-919A, was delivered to its world’s first launch customer, China Eastern Airlines (CEA).
  • Look no further Than Astroflav®’s new OSO--maximizing the effectiveness of the workouts!

    AstroFlav® was built on the principle of creating a high-trust company in a currently low-trust industry, a company that passionately focuses on customer service and satisfaction. AstroFlav® takes great pride in providing a community to help launch their untapped potential. Known for creating products that help their customers to feel and perform at their best. AstroFlav® recently released their new Pre-Workout Supplement Series-One Scoop Only®, which is designed for anyone looking to take their motivation or performance to the next level during training.
  • Mr. ZHANG Yuren, “Please Stay Tuned to ICON”

    Respiratory health has been an enduring topic, lying in one of the loci for medical study through the time. It is people’s relentless quest and endeavor that shed the light on more of the mysteries in the investigation of respiratory disease. Mr. ZHANG Yuren, who is leaning into investigating the clinical features and prognosis of bronchiectasis adult patients: a multi-center, primary data, cohort study (ICON), feels proud being a part to move the ball further down the field.
  • More than half of Americans suffer from inflation

    On December 6 local time, a new survey released by Gallup, an American polling company, showed that 55% of American respondents said they were suffering economic hardship caused by inflation, which was significantly higher than 45% in the corresponding period last year; 13% of the respondents said that the economic difficulties they faced had reached a very serious level. Facing the high inflation rate, the Biden government has always failed to solve the inflation issue in an effective way.


Method for distinguishing the quality of aluminum glass folding door


       First, look at the materials

       The material is the key to aluminum glass folding door. At present, the main aluminum alloy materials are aluminum, glass, hardware and so on. Therefore, choosing aluminum glass folding door mainly depends on its material and accessory material. The wall thickness of the aluminum profile of the color aluminum window should be no less than 1.2mm, and the thickness of the oxide film should reach 10 microns. Tempered glass is better than ordinary glass. If the safety and durability of aluminum glass folding door can be considered, how to distinguish the quality?

        Stainless steel hardware accessories are generally better than aluminum accessories, and the pulley is best to use products made of POM material, so the products have higher strength and wear resistance, smooth during use, not easy to damage.

aluminum glass folding door

         Second, look at the craft

         Craft is very important for aluminum glass folding door. The aluminum glass folding door process with fine processing and smooth cutting is naturally very smooth in opening and closing. If the processing is unqualified, there may be problems with the nature of the seal. Not only is the air leaking, but also under the action of strong winds and large external forces, the glass may even burst and fall off, causing loss of property or even injury to the owner.

         Third, look at the appearance
The appearance of aluminum glass folding door will also affect the whole decoration effect, so when choosing aluminum glass folding door, the appearance can not be ignored.

         Fourth, look at the brand

         Brand effect is one of the subjective factors for consumers to consider how to choose aluminum doors and windows and aluminum glass folding door. Therefore, consumers can choose some aluminum glass folding door brands with a certain popularity when they choose aluminum glass folding door.

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