Nongfu Spring Is Playing Well with Crossover Creativity, Embracing Generation Z with Innovative Ideas


The advertising slogan that "Nongfu Spring tastes a bit sweet" is familiar to lots of people. Over the years, Nongfu Spring has successfully occupied user's mentality with the "natural" water concept, which becomes a highly poplar gilded signboard of the brand, and achieved a dominant position in the whole bottled water market. Nongfu Spring has made great efforts on "water" to better address the diversified needs of consumers. In 2015, Nongfu Spring launched Drinking natural water suitable for infants, a mineral water product with low sodium and mineralization sourced from Moya Spring of Changbai Mountain; in 2019, Nongfu Spring explored mineral water containing lithium in "Arctic" of China and launched lithium water suitable for the elderly, given that lithium helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease. At the same time, Taking advantage of the east wind of household consumption upgrading, Nongfu Spring barreled water has maintained a high-speed growth and the lion’s share in the market segment over the last few years.

Aside from water, Nongfu Spring has doubled its efforts on the bottle body in recent years. In 2015, Nongfu Spring officially entered the high-end water market with the launch of premium glass bottles, which became hugely popular on the market for its striking look as soon as it debuted. With the crystal clear glass bottle, top-narrow and bottom-wide bottle body design, carefully carved Chinese Zodiac images as well as auspicious and happy blessings, the glass bottled high-end water is designated as the official water for the BRICS Meeting and the G20 summit. And there is annually launched Chinese Zodiac Bottle featuring glass bottle body and high-class design, which is incorporated with the spiritual core of Chinese culture and well-received by audience. Additionally, this water product draws wide publicity for its “only for free but not for sale” marking strategy.

In 2017, Nongfu Spring parented with Netease Cloud Music to launch limited edition Music Review Bottle, printing 30 well-chosen music reviews from this music platform on the bottle body of 400 million bottles of Nongfu Spring drinking natural water. In 2018, Nongfu Spring launched Bottle of the Imperial Palace, integrating the Imperial Palace and Nongfu Spring through smart advertising copy and artistic visual effect and delivering a novel experience for consumers. Beyond that, Nongfu Spring launched limited edition customized water in partnership with The Lost Tomb, a popular IP with great influence among young people, to cater to the young consumer groups through crossover marketing. The customized water with new packaging becomes a big hitter with young people. It follows that Nongfu Spring is such an expert at marketing by making good use of popular IPs.

Nongfu Spring strives to make crossover cooperation in various fields and find an echo with consumers through transposition thinking and various creative marketing forms so as to build brand preference. The reason behind these efforts is Nongfu Spring’s unremitting commitment to the meaning behind the product. It endeavors to output the humanistic feelings of the brand and deliver the persistent spirit behind the product.

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