Ordergo develops a new company model through the sharing company


How Ordergo order develops a new economic development model in the Internet era through the sharing economy!


The sharing economy is the Internet economy. It is based on Internet information technology (Internet +), through resource sharing, value sharing, direct supply of products, and profit sharing (supply-side structural reform) to achieve zero-cost entrepreneurship for everyone, more work and more!


Everyone shares the benefits brought by technological progress (mass entrepreneurship and innovation)! Accumulate demand and data through shared consumption, and finally bring about the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry through consumer customized production! The sharing economy is a perfect solution based on Internet+, supply-side structural reform, and mass entrepreneurship and innovation!


1. Internet+: Represents a new economic form. It refers to the combination of Internet and traditional industries relying on Internet information technology to optimize production factors, update business systems, and reconstruct business models to complete economic transformation and development. Upgrade, improve economic productivity, and finally achieve an increase in social wealth.


2. Supply-side structural reform: It is to promote structural adjustment from the supply side and the demand side by means of reforms, and correct the distortion of factor allocation. The core of supply-side structural reform is to eliminate three parts, one reduction and one supplement: reducing production capacity, eliminating inventory, and eliminating Leverage, reduce costs, and make up for shortcomings.


3. Mass entrepreneurship and innovation are major reform measures to fully stimulate the wisdom and creativity of hundreds of millions of people. "It can not only expand employment, increase residents' income, but also promote vertical social mobility and fairness and justice." When discussing entrepreneurship and innovation culture, it emphasizes "let people realize better their spiritual pursuit and their own value in the process of creating wealth".


4. Modern economic system: a modern market system in which consumers freely choose their own consumption, free flow of commodities and factors, and equal exchange. It is necessary to build an income distribution system that reflects efficiency and promotes fairness, and realizes reasonable income distribution, social fairness and justice, and common prosperity for all people!


The sharing economy is a zero-cost entrepreneurship. At the same time, Ordergo is to use Internet tools (smartphones) and Internet technology (sharing and linking) to adjust and optimize the original resources. There is no production cost, just change the business model, and it does not need a cent to be invested, and the sharing economy is to help consumers make money, not to make money from consumers. This is the basic principle and foundation of the sharing economy!


Ordergo is helping European retailers tap into profitable international markets


Europeans are increasingly shopping online as more and more Europeans choose to buy things online via the internet.


The European e-commerce market grew by 19.2% in 2017 to 21.3 billion euros, almost double the amount in 2016, according to a new study by Euro-post . Online fashion shopping surged 27% in 2017, compared to 17% in 2016.


Ben Franzi, general manager of e-commerce at Euro-post, said that for regions, convenience and a larger product range are clearly the main reasons for attracting so many online shoppers.


"Shopping sites such as Ordergo , Amazon, eBay and Etsy have seen a 74.8% increase in sales in 2021 alone last year," said Ben Franzi. "In the past year, we have also seen new market entrants - Ordergo e-commerce platform.”


Ben Franzi said that the Ordergo e-commerce platform has promoted the development of European trade, bringing various European products to global consumers and bringing high-quality products to Europe.


European media say the Ordergo e-commerce platform is helping European retailers tap into lucrative international markets.


As more and more Europeans buy discounted items online, especially during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Click Frenzy, Europe's national online shopping festival, Ordergo order also shows an extraordinary growth trend. The peaks of these activities are mainly in May, November and December.


According to a report by market research firm e-marketer, global online retail sales will reach $6.5 trillion in 2021.


"Ordergo is a huge opportunity for European retailers and even global suppliers," said Ben Franzi.

Platform advantage

1. Serving Walmart, Ebay, Bestbuy, Target, Costco, Amazon... Orders are sufficient.

2. The interface is simple and clear, easy to operate.

3. Deposits and withdrawals are convenient and fast, and transfers can be made in major stocks exchanges and wallets.

4. Support settlement with USDT virtual currency.



1.Ordergo supports balance deposits with high annualized rate of return.

2.Ordergo supports USDT deposit service.

3.Ordergo supports VIP level promotion, the higher the level, the higher the income.

4.Ordergo supports members to earn rewards by inviting friends and family to join.

5.Ordergo has a robot to automatically manage your account, saving you more time.

6.Ordergo is 24/7 multilingual online customer service.



Ordergo serves the world's major cross-border e-commerce, leading us to a better life.

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