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Prone failures and countermeasures of conveyor equipment for conveyor belt sushi


The conveyor belt sushi equipment installed in the conveyor belt sushi restaurant has been out of order for some time, so how to check it? Ssangyong Sheng conveyor equipment manufacturers provide the following suggestions, generally the following points are for reference only!

1. What should I do about the noise of the pump?

When the pump is noisy, it is necessary to check whether the water supply system is normal. At the same time, check the water quality of the tap water in the workshop. If necessary, install 1 or 2 filter devices to ensure the water supply quality of the pump. "Then it is necessary to check whether the radiator of the pump is blocked by foreign matter. Finally, discharge the air in the pump, take out the large nut of the pump body, and install it after the water drops are discharged. The source of the pump is still to choose the brand, the source of our love Choosing the imported Weile brand will hardly cause this problem.

2. What should I do if the conveyor equipment chain is too long?

First of all, use a hexagonal spoon and other related tools to adjust the loosening wheel. After adjustment, the loosening of the chain in the thrust part of the hand swing is moderate. This problem is mostly caused by some low-end equipment and conveyor belt sushi equipment, and there will be no tight problems in the middle.


3. When the drinking water faucet drips, it is big and small, ready to solve?

In this case, you must first remove the faucet, and then replace the silicone seal. This problem can be solved by adjusting the water ball valve of the hot water pump and controlling the water output. This problem is very common, especially when some manufacturers use inferior faucets. It takes less than half a year for this problem to occur. In our general test of Akcome, individual silicone seals will appear in three to five years.

4. What should I do if there are strange noises in the rotary sushi equipment rotary hot pot equipment for a long time?

In this case, the stainless steel sealing plate needs to be unloaded, and after troubleshooting, spray lubricating oil to different sound parts. This happens to some irregular manufacturers in order to cut corners and materials. In purchasing, we must pay attention to whether the chain is strengthened or added with lubricants.

5. The motor of conveyor equipment is very noisy, what should I do?

If the motor noise exceeds 60 decibels, it is necessary to check whether the power supply is out of sync, whether the reducer is short of oil, and whether the heater is working, and then eliminate one by one according to the problem. The motor is the core component. As long as you choose a regular motor manufacturer, this problem can be avoided. We like Kangyuan to choose a high-power motor from a joint venture in Taiwan, which works silently, and this problem will not occur.


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