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Real MetaVerse, VoiceNFT Open The Door to Ordinary Person's Creation


In July, a funny sound intelligence project, Pizzap , has attracted the attention of several AI agencies. The concept of NFT+voice+ mining also caused fomo sentiment of crypto investors.

New York, NY, Aug. 02, 2021 -- The NFT market in blockchain has begun to arise. In July, a funny sound intelligence project, Pizzap , has attracted the attention of several AI agencies. The concept of NFT+voice+ mining also caused fomo sentiment of crypto investors.

Pizzap is a voice product, an infrastructure and ecosystem, integrated with NFT, DeFi, DAO, developed and owned by its user community.

With the development of artificial intelligence and neural tech, speech synthesis technology is becoming more and more mature,whic the voice cloning service provided by pizzap is based on. The processed sound material is mint into NFT in the form of online file, because the uniqueness and non replicability of NFT ensure the first copyright of sound works .

The token entrance of Pizzap will be launched in the end of this month. If you intend to mint VoiceNFT on Pizzap, you need to obtain PNFT from Pai Swap (DEX) on Plian as the certificate for minting VNFT. Pizzap maintains and updates products through decentralized governance, foundation or chain organization. As long as the supply-demand relationship of VoiceNFT is healthy, the economic system in Pizzap will not collapse for a long time. However,after the transaction of NFT works reaches a certain saturation on many NFT platform, the liquidity of NFT becomes not optimistic. Pizzap put DeFi attribute of NFTs a vital factor . The liquidity performance of NFTs may be strong through their trading on DEX. Now traders on Pai Swap are all intentionally or unintentionally improving the liquidity of NFT token in order to improve the income in the pool. So the VoiceNFT liquidity can keep a long-term health.

Pizzap business model is also very novel and creative. The initial economic scale of many NFT projects is driven by big-names. Many users think that "people or enterprises who have made achievements in other fields are making additional money in the blockchain field". In the initial stage, Pizzap will not quickly earn the first wave of benefits by cooperating with big-names, but build a framework for ordinary persons.

At present, the following ways to participate are popular on Pizzap:

  • Contribute sound to MetaVerse: compared with virtual electronic sound, human’s real voiceprint resources are more valuable. Ordinary people can try to auction their VoiceNFT online. The huge entrance lies in metaverse, which needs more real and richer human sound rather than electronic sound. Your voice may be picked up by MetaVerse Projects, or a person who appreciates your voice very much.

  • Audio cultural products: Online stars like YouTube celebrities can mint VoiceNFT in Pizzap as an art creation to protect their online creation.

  • Audio content: sign or incubate audio art works, and mint them into NFT for sale.

“When the platform is mature enough, we will sign with celebrity brands . “ said by the core volunteers from Pizzap community ,“The role of NFT works is to clarify the ownership of information. However, the team behind big-names has many ways to protect the online works. NFT is not the only and best choice.”

Early VoiceNFT will be launched in the form of IVO. Later, after a certain number of sound sources on the platform, Pizzap will cooperate with artificial intelligence institutions.

Pizzap was initially deployed on Plian. With the cross chain technology of Plian, Pizzap will perfectly exchange resources and data with other NFT projects, DEX and wallets deployed on other public chains in the later stage.

The Pizzap community is currently expanding, and the creator (pop voice) & collector (super ears) program will be launched later.

The audio content ecosystem continues to expand, opening up more imagination space for the creation of "full ecosystem audio platform".

With the development of 5G and the popularity of mobile devices, in addition to online film and television music, the audio content has also been developed. The increasing demand of users related to sound, a wide range of market demand and potential users are also the driving force for many online audio platforms to layout audio content one after another.

The success of CyberPunk and MetaVerse shows us the elements that enable audio and video to successfully participate in the economic system, including: user experience discovery; creator economy; spatial computing; decentralization; human computer interaction; infrastructure. It is a decentralized future that needs to be built by creators and users. Identity, friends, immersion, low latency, landing anywhere, economic system and culture can bring out a new application with deep participation of real people.

But most of the power is gathered from ordinary people, then it becomes a huge power, which Pizzap attaches importance to. They are enhancing the base of Web 3.0.

Learn more about Pizzap, Join us!



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