The total turnover of Zhouchuan in 2020 is 30 million yuan ~ among the most expensive living artists after 1995


On November 28, 2020, the CEIBS 2020 Art auction was successfully concluded at The Raffles Regal Club in Singapore. Among them, zhou Chuan, a post-1995 artist sold 10 works at a total after-tax price of about 30 million yuan.

Ceibs International Auction Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hungary, covering many countries around the world. With collectors from all over Europe and the Chinese diaspora as the main buyers, contemporary art with Chinese characteristics has been popular recently.

"Figure" Work auction site This auction works, 95 after the artist "Zhou Chuan" achieved complete success, among them the works "hidden", "clean ground", "Celestial phenomena" with more than 7 million RMB transaction.

Introduction: Zhou Chuan was born in 1999 in Deyang city, Sichuan province, famous radio news, the United States, Europe, Arizona Republic, the United States postal service bulletin combined broadcast, news, the pioneer of American buffalo evening news and other international well-known media, work has been the United States Hollywood tribute chairman DON CHO, Tokyo, Japan, the United States, New York, London, United Kingdom, celebrities such as collection, participated in the 58th Venice, Italy biennial exhibition of parallel, European cultural center, in contemporary China, Paris art (France), Paris international contemporary art, etc.

Cooperation: the national Palace Museum in Taipei, Shangri-La in Hong Kong, London and other domestic and foreign major auctions.

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