• China celebra calurosamente la apertura de la

    El 27 de julio, el Departamento de Comercio de la Provincia de Hubei de China y CEMC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. celebraron la ceremonia de apertura en línea de "Hubei Online Exhibition (Special Exhibition For Auto Parts)-Chilean And Other South American Markets".
  • Honey Badger A new hybrid DeFi ecosystem combining deflation and mining

    DeFi comes from Decentrapzed Finance in English and "Decentralized Finance" in Chinese. In a broad sense, DeFi refers to blockchain-based finance. It does not rely on traditional financial institutions, such as brokers, exchanges, or banks, but instead conducts financial activities based on smart contracts on the blockchain.
  • What is the Significance of Popularizing the Use of Ink-jet Printer?

    Now most enterprises have begun to popularize the use of inkjet coding machines, and it has gradually become the equipment that various enterprises must have. Why is the inkjet printing machine so essential, and what kind of changes will it bring into all walks of life to our lives? What benefits will it bring to the economy?
  • The SCO Traditional Medicine Forum was held and released Nanchang Initiative on SCO Traditional Medicine Cooperation

    The 2021 SCO Forum on Traditional Medicine is held in Nanchang, capital of east China’s Jiangxi province from July 28 to 30. As an important event marking the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the event is themed on "Inheritance, Innovation, Mutual Learning, and Sharing". About 500 guests from China and SCO member states attended the event online
  • CTDC receives tens of millions of dollars in Series C financing

    Recently, CTDC, a carbon energy currency dedicated to building the strongest consensus on blockchain carbon trading, announced that it has received tens of millions of US dollars in Series C financing. This round of financing was led by Doug Capital, Consensus Labs and Chain Capital. The CTDC founder said that this round of financing is only used to do two things, the first CTDC technology develo
  • Real MetaVerse, VoiceNFT Open The Door to Ordinary Person's Creation

    In July, a funny sound intelligence project, Pizzap , has attracted the attention of several AI agencies. The concept of NFT+voice+ mining also caused fomo sentiment of crypto investors.
  • The United Nations Panel on Climate Change and the EU Carbon Environment Alliance reached a consensus

    Summary: The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the EU Carbon Energy and Environmental Protection Alliance have reached a strategic cooperation relationship. Both parties will use blockchain technology to promote the development of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. Natural resources and dual-carbon environmental protection are the focus of their cooperati
  • With Blockchain Technology,DiDi Builds Safe and Encrypted Chat

    In the Internet age, the popularization of terminal devices, led by smart phones, has completely digitized people's social life. People spend more and more time on social networking every day, and the amount of data generated continues to grow accordingly. According to IDC's "Data Age 2025" report, the annual data generated globally will increase from 33ZB in 2018 to 175ZB, which is equivalent to
  • As Tencent and Alibaba Mutually Open the Ecosystem Joy Spreader Sees New Growth Opportunities

    According to recent Dow Jones News, Tencent and Alibaba are considering opening up their ecosystems gradually, and both are separately working on plans to ease the restrictions. The opening up of their ecosystems will significantly impact China’s internet retail market, and mobile new media performance marketing agencies, like Joy Spreader, are expected to embrace new growth opportunities.
  • Learn about BCL in three minutes: the world's first decentralised financial derivatives trading platform!

    Today, the scale of digital asset trading is exploding, and derivatives trading on centralised trading platforms has already surpassed spot trading. When will derivatives trading on decentralised trading platforms complete a similar breakthrough and give birth to a new unicorn? It's a lot to wonder about, with a number of emerging on-chain derivatives trading platforms jumping on the bandwagon, an


Tron Oxfam - Crowdfunding tool changer based on blockchain, changing the future with you


In 2020, the outbreak of the new crown epidemic has left more than 800 million people worldwide facing extreme poverty, a number that has risen for the first time in 20 years and is likely to continue. At the same time, the epidemic has also caused the number of poor people living in low- and middle-income areas to skyrocket by 15%, further increasing global poverty.

As the rapid development of the Internet era has further widened the global poverty gap, people are realizing that long-term global development cannot be based on one group of countries getting richer while another group of countries remains poor and backward. Only when countries develop together can the world develop better.

For this reason, more and more institutions and countries have made "poverty reduction" a priority area and core task of international development cooperation, more actively increased investment in poor and backward regions, and made unremitting efforts to eliminate the global poverty gap.

Since its establishment in 1942,Tron Oxfam has been committed to promoting the power of the people to eradicate poverty in all its forms, in the hope that the poor will be respected and cared for. Over the years,Tron Oxfam has developed into a collaborative effort across racial, gender, religious and political boundaries, working with government agencies, communities and the poor to create a "world of infinity".

Although Tron Oxfam is not an Oxfam organization, it upholds Oxfam's great spirit of "helping people to help themselves and fight against poverty", and aims to use blockchain smart contract technology to quickly lift the global poor out of poverty. Blockchain smart contract technology can make all acts of help or self-help fair, just, open and transparent. No matter what country you are in, whether you are an individual or an association, you can use this crowdfunding tool to achieve your crowdfunding goals.

Tron Oxfam, in its ongoing development, is striving to build a world free from poverty and injustice, where everyone can enjoy a good life, where everyone has the right to be respected and cared for, and where everyone can enjoy the basic rights to food, shelter, employment, education and health.

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