What are the advantages of resin model cars compared to alloy collectible model cars?


In fact, resin model cars are generally called prototype models. The biggest difference between resin model and alloy model is that there is no need to open a mold, and only need to be provided by the customer.

Generally, it is based on the photos and size data of the car. If it is to provide real car 3D drawing files, it is better to get the customer to make a prototype. Generally, Ali said that the resin model can directly reflect the production process and level of the collectible model cars manufacturer. . Compared with the alloy car model, the biggest advantage of resin model cars is that it can greatly shorten the production cycle of the product, the paint can increase the aging resistance by several times, and the fineness of the product by hand-made can fully reflect.

                                                          collectible model cars

But because the resin car models are handmade, they can only be produced in limited quantities or in small batches. But its collection value is much higher than that of alloy car models, and it is favored by car model collectors all over the world.

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