• Global Champion! UNISOC Tops the MOT20 Challenge List

    On January 19, 2021, on the internationally authoritative MOT20 Challenge list (Multiple Object Tracking Challenge,MOT), the mota index of the UNISOC multimedia algorithm exceeds 70 points and wins the global championship. It is also the only company with more than 70 points on the MOT20 Challenge list, which shows that UNISOC takes the leading position in the field of multi-object tracking.
  • Since ONP launched the liquidity mining policy on January 21, 2021,

    Since ONP launched the liquidity mining policy on January 21, 2021, the 48-hour-accumulated liquidity-pool pledge volume has exceeded USD 1,000,000. According to the latest news, the entire aggregated decentralized oracle network - ONP (Oracle Network Protocol) has kicked off the liquidity mining policy upon Uniswap Exchange on January 21, 2021. And the total 48-hour accumulated liquidity pool has
  • Zelator sharing matrix is strong

    2020 is a turbulent year, for the currency circle, the project circle is very, countless people fell before the bull market, today, a new decentralization of the global sharing matrix project, a decentralization of the divine wave field matrix appeared! Zelator, comes, strong and born.
  • How to Achieve High-speed QR Code Printing by CYCJET Laser Marking Machine

    With the rapid and continuous development of online marking, the traditional marking like character, digits, barcode can not satisfy some special requirement by different customer. The normal marking only present the directly information when we look at the printing, such as date, serial no, name etc. Along with QR Code technology development and improving, it can carry more valuable information t
  • The Different Technologies of CYCJET Handheld Inkjet Printer

    CYCJET has been in handheld inkjet printer developing and manufacturing from more than 15 years in Shanghai, China. The hand jet printers have been upgraded to the third age, to meet more and more printing application domestic and overseas. Firstly, CYCJET ALT360Pro small hand inkjet printer is the most long-last and the hottest hand model. It can print 1—18mm fonts, including logo, barcode, date
  • CYCJET Automatic Large Character Inkjet Printer in outer packaging industry

    With the increasing demand for inkjet printers, the content, functions, resolution and other requirements for inkjet printers are increasing. Therefore, large character inkjet printers have gradually entered the eyes of users and are gradually accepted by customers.
  • New Launch CYCJET ALT500UV High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    Abstract: In order to better meet the needs of customers in market segments, CYCJET has pioneered the launch of the ALT500UV UV Inkjet Coder series in response to the shortcomings of traditional marking equipment, which can meet customers' high resolution, large format, multi-nozzle, high attachment A variety of personalized requirements such as focus, solvent resistance, etc., is a very powerful
  • Risen Energy’s 250MW EPC project in Vietnam has been put into commercial operation!

    Ninghai China—January 25, 2021--Recently, Risen Energy Co., Ltd. has announced that its 250MW PV power farm project in Vietnam has completed all the tests given by the Vietnam Power Grid Company and the State Commissioning Center, and been officially put into commercial operation.
  • DeepLand Foundation has invested Uranus Exchange in Singapore

    On January 22, DeepLand Foundation had a fruitful communication with CMO Elsa of Uranus and Ms. Li Yuelan, President of China Mega-area, in Singapore office of Uranus Exchange, and successfully signed TS (Term sheet). The first investment will be start in the form of Token Fund, with an intended investment amount of $2.7 million.
  • Can BitDNS challenge Ethereum?

    Recently, I heard that many people are discussing how BitDNS challenge ethereum is becoming more possible. After a detailed analyzing of the problem I understood that this challenge is more than real. Let me explain you how BitDNS can challenge Etherium.


What are the crafts of badge making


Types of badges: paint badges

Paint characteristics: bright colors, clear lines, strong texture of metal materials, copper or iron can be used as raw materials, of which iron paint badges are inexpensive and good quality. If you have a small budget, choose this one is the most suitable! The surface of the paint badge is OK Apply a layer of transparent protective resin (Poly). This process is commonly known as "glue" (note that because of light refraction, the surface of the badge will be bright after the resin is applied), but the paint badge after adding the resin will lose A sense of unevenness.

Two types of badges: imitation enamel badges

The surface of the imitation enamel badge is flat. (Compared to the paint badge, the metal lines on the surface of the imitation enamel badge are actually slightly raised with your fingers.) The lines on the surface of the badge can be gold-plated, silver-plated and other metal colors. Various imitation enamel pigments are filled between the metal lines. The production process of imitation enamel badges is similar to that of enamel badges (cloisonne badges). The difference from real enamel is that the enamel pigments used in the badges are different (one is real enamel pigment, the other is synthetic enamel pigment, imitation enamel pigment.) Imitation enamel badge, The craftsmanship is exquisite, the enamel color surface is smooth, especially delicate, giving a very high-end and luxurious feeling, and it is the first choice for badge making. If you make a beautiful and high-end badge first, please choose imitation enamel badge or even enamel badge.


Three types of badges: stamping badges

Stamping badges generally use badge materials such as copper (red copper, red copper, etc.), zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc., also known as metal badges. Among them, copper is the softest and most suitable for making badges, so the lines of copper stamped badges are the clearest , Zinc alloy badges are second, of course, because of the price of materials, the corresponding copper badges are the highest. Various electroplating effects can be done on the surface of stamping badges, including gold plating, nickel plating, copper plating, bronze plating, and ancient silver plating. At the same time, the concave part of the stamping badge can also be processed into a matte effect, etc. , So as to produce a variety of exquisite stamping badges.

Four types of badges: printed badges

Printed badges are divided into screen printing and lithographic printing, and are generally called epoxy badges. Because the final process of the badge is to add a layer of transparent protective resin (Poly) to the surface of the badge, the materials used for printing the badge are mainly stainless steel and bronze. The copper or stainless steel surface of the printed badge is not electroplated, generally Use natural color or brushed processing. The main difference between silk-screen printing badges and lithographic printing badges is: silk-screen printing badges are mainly for simple graphics and fewer colors; while lithographic printing is mainly for complex patterns and more colors, especially with gradient colors. Correspondingly, lithographic printing badges More exquisite.

Five types of badges: bite version badges

Bitten badges are generally made of various materials such as bronze, stainless steel, iron, etc., with delicate lines. Because the upper surface is added with a layer of transparent resin (Poly), it feels slightly raised to the touch and has the characteristics of bright colors. Compared with other processes, the production of bite-plate badges is simple. After the designed artwork film is exposed, the badge artwork on the negative film is transferred to the copper plate, and then the pattern that needs to be hollowed out is corroded by chemical agents. After coloring, grinding, polishing, punching, soldering, electroplating, etc., a bite-shaped badge is completed. The thickness of the bite version badge is generally 0.8mm.

Six types of badges: tinplate badges

The material for the production of the tinplate badge is tinplate. Its craft is relatively simple, the surface is wrapped with paper, and the printing pattern is provided by the customer. The badge is cheap and relatively simple to make. It is more suitable for student teams or general team badges, as well as general corporate promotional materials and promotions Pin etc.


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