• To make learning fun- intelligent aesthetics of Genius App

    ​Genius, a promising B2C Internet consulting application, recently has been launched in all app stores. Genius was developed by Shanghai Educational Technology Group Inc (the China subsidiary of Genius Holding (Asia) Group), a leading technology company that specializes in overseas education and business consulting.
  • Rural revitalization | Nanjing Jiangning: Turn green mountains into a happy

    "Rooms for the 1st and 2nd have been fully booked, more than 80 percent of them have been booked online during Golden Week." On the morning of September 23, the booking phone of "Longxiang Shuangfan" Home Stay Reception Center in Hengxi Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing rang non-stop. Wu Haiyan, a receptionist, told the reporter that it would be difficult to find a room during the National Day h
  • QTQ creates a new era of digital assets in the future

    With the advent of 5G era and big data era, the era of digital assets has undergone a qualitative change, and the data economy of the Internet has made a leap. However, the economic growth has not been popularized to everyone. With the increasing variety of digital assets, the management difficulty is gradually increasing, and the security, privacy and portability cannot be effectively guaranteed.
  • XTransfer Enlarges Global Partnership Network, Offers Premium Cross-border Financial Services to SMEs

    Cross-border financial services leader XTransfer taps into growing user base, stronger ties with industry leader​
  • Develop self-regulated learning at Wellington

    Teachers at Wellington, one of the best international schools in Shanghai, know the importance of cultivating children's capacity for autonomous learning. One of the most powerful tools learners can develop is the ability to monitor and direct their learning. Self-regulated learners are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, can motivate themselves to engage in their learning, and most important
  • Easing the transition from early years to pre-prep

    ​At Wellington College International Shanghai's newly-opened, purpose-built Early Years Centre, we aim to equip our pupils for future challenges from the very beginning educational journey. Our curriculum is on par with that of the best international schools in Shanghai. It makes learning fun, enjoyable and accessible, while carefully preparing them for the next stage of their academic efforts.
  • First entrepreneurial breakfast meeting held in Jiangning district Stable and sustainable sailing in the new development pattern of ‘double cycle’

    This year is determined as ‘enterprise service year’ by the municipal party committee and municipal government. On September 24, 2020, the special activity ‘enterprise-benefited breakfast meeting’ for key industrial enterprises was held in Jiangning district, where the party secretary of district committee, Li Shigui, had breakfast with the heads of the top-30-industrial-output companies in the di
  • Revolutionizing the traditional insurance industry, are you on the BIG insurance chain?

    With the continuous waves of disruptive innovation, the insurance industry is transforming far faster than digital transformation. Changes in customer demand and the reform of the economy are gradually changing the industry. The emergence of blockchain technology not only proposes brand-new solutions to the issues faced by traditional insurance, but also solves insurance’s “last mile” problem, tha
  • Körber set to roll out the largest deployment of autonomous mobile robots in Australia and New Zealand for leading online retailer Catch Group

    MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 25, 2020 /HAIXUNPRESS/ -- Catch Group, part of the Wesfarmers Group and one of Australia's largest online retailers, has partnered with Körber to deploy autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at its distribution centre in Truganina, Victoria.
  • Drive System Functions in Smartwatch for Reliable Performance

    ZHAOWEI Drive is proud to announce a drive system with high torque and low speed, which functions in smartwatch for reliable performance. It opens new areas for a compact package with impressive torque capabilities without compromising on the smooth operation and long service life expected from ZHAOWEI.


Why Ceramic Materials are Used in Elongated Toilets


Most elongated toilets are already commonplace, but have you ever wondered why most elongated toilets on the market are made of ceramics? Perhaps many people have not considered this problem at all, but in the process of designing the toilet, the designer has to consider many issues, and the question of what material is used to make it will definitely be considered.

First of all, whether domestic or foreign, the first toilet to appear was made of wood. It was not until 1885 that Thomas Tuweifu obtained the patent for the first all-ceramic toilet in the United Kingdom, and China was opened by the British in Tangshan in 1914. The factory produced China’s first ceramic toilet. The original wooden toilet is easy to leak, and because of the nature of wood, it is not easy to shape into a certain shape. Over time, feces will remain on the toilet, breeding bacteria, and spreading diseases. Later, someone suggested to use stone and lead to make a toilet, that is, to heat the stone and lead, and then use asphalt, turpentine and wax to seal the gap. This kind of toilet solves the leakage problem, but it is very troublesome to manufacture, and it is very heavy and inconvenient to use. In addition, there is a lot of dust and sitting on it in winter is cold, which also brings many health risks. 

The ceramic toilet is made of high-quality clay and high-quality natural mineral raw materials. It is formed by advanced molding technology and is fired at high temperature. The ceramic product has high density and low water absorption. It will not cause later cracking of the product due to environmental changes such as weather and temperature. To ensure long-term use of the product. The ceramic toilet is round and delicate, with smooth and bright glazed surface, not easy to adhere to dirt and easy to clean. The water tank is fully glazed, clean and easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria, and reduce water failure. The pipeline is fully glazed to make the pipeline smoother, not easy to block, not easy to build up, good antibacterial and antifouling effect, and completely prevent odor and blockage. The ceramic toilet is novel in style, beautiful and fashionable, practical and durable. 

Therefore, over time, ceramics gradually replaced other materials and became the material of choice for elongated toilets.

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