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The Application and Development of CYCJET TIJ Thermal Foaming High-resolution Inkjet Printer


With the complexity of customer requirements, the diversification of market application requirements, automation, and personnel simplification, everyone has gradually paid attention to the TIJ inkjet printers. Clearer and more efficient have become two important keywords at the core of TIJ inkjet printers.

TIJ in the printer industry usually refers to the TIJ brand printer head, which is usually installed and applied on the thermal foaming high-resolution printers. TIJ inkjet printer is also called thermal foaming inkjet printer. This industrial inkjet printer is simple to operate, easy to install, and powerful in printing function. It can print real-time data, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, databases, etc., surpassing 99% of small character inkjet printers.

The printing technology of the TIJ thermal foaming inkjet printer: the nozzle uses semiconductor thin-film technology, using laser processing and high-precision coating technology to form a plurality of nozzle holes with a diameter of about 50 microns. These nozzles are arranged in a high density. After receiving the heating signal, the ink is heated to about 260 degrees Celsius by an electric current in a very short instant. Local ink is heated to form bubbles to expand and eject the ink.

The reason for the rapid development of TIJ inkjet printers lies in the changes in the market. As more and more products begin to pay attention to packaging and the popularization of QR code applications, more and more needs for QR code printing have emerged. At this time, many manufacturers began to look for coding equipment that could print variable codes in batches, and the TIJ inkjet printer highlighted its advantages.

From the point of view of the material, TIJ is widely used in industrial product packaging, traceability of electronic products, as well as all kinds of packaging box coding and packaging bag coding. From an industry perspective, industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, printing, daily chemicals, and carton packaging have also begun to be applied on a large scale.

Advantages of CYCJET HP Thermal Foaming High-resolution Inkjet Printer:

1. High quality and high precision. TIJ inkjet coding machines have smaller ink droplets and can provide better printing accuracy, up to 600DPI. When printing QR codes and bar codes, the scanning rate is higher.

2. Pretty coding effect. Thermal foaming inkjet technology adopts water-based ink technology, and the coding effect is better.

3. Convenient maintenance. During the using process, the TIJ inkjet printer does not require common maintenance, just replace the new ink cartridge when the ink cartridge is used up. The independent ink cartridges greatly reduce the difficulty of operation and use by customers, reduce the technical requirements for production line workers, and are simpler and more practical.

4. Sealed cartridge. There is no leakage and waste. This allows customers to save the purchase cost of consumables to a greater degree during use.

5. No solvent is required. Compared with the traditional small character or large character inkjet printers, the thermal foaming inkjet printer is cheaper to use and is more conducive to mass product printing.

6. Disposable ink cartridge nozzle. Because the nozzle material is easily rusted due to high temperature, this type of nozzle has a short life. Most of the nozzles are integrated with the nozzle and ink cartridge, and they are disposable ink cartridge nozzles after use. This is more convenient for customers to maintain the printer.

7. High printing efficiency. With multiple nozzle combination technology and seamless connection technology, printing with multiple nozzles can be achieved, which is more efficient.

8. High-speed coding. The online inkjet printer can eject high-frequency ink droplets to achieve high-speed and high-quality coding.

9. Printers can be customized. CYCJET HP series inkjet printing machines are ideal for printing QR codes, bar codes, and other high-density machine-readable codes. It can not only improve the quality of product markings but also can be customized at the end of the production operation.

CYCJET is the brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET has more than 15 years of experience for R& D different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, and portable marking solution, High-Resolution Printing solution in Shanghai China. Are you looking for a coding and marking system for your products? Contact us and we will jointly search for the solution that best suits your needs.

Contact Person: David Guo

Telephone: +86-21-59970419 ext 8008

MOB:+86-139 1763 1707




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