• The Biggest Promotion of the Year -- BUKA Cloud Communication

    The Biggest Promotion of the Year -- BUKA Cloud Communication
  • Metal Century—A Global Converging One-stop Decentralized Ecological Platform

    Recently, Metal Century, a converging one-stop decentralized ecological platform, has attracted wide attention in the industry. While the DeFi3.0 age suddenly rises as a new force and the metaverse world comes here with overwhelming power, how should Meta Century stand out from those other platforms?
  • What is UV inkjet printer? What are its uses and characteristics?

    UV inkjet printer adopts industrial electronic inkjet technology and ultraviolet light to dry and solidify ink. Equipment structure: the equipment is composed of the belt, printing nozzle, support, inkjet printer, photoelectric, motor, and conveying table.
  • Meta Space builds a new Yuancai World System

    Meta space is a comprehensive meta-universe platform, mainly dedicated to the construction of the underlying world system of the meta-universe. Through the core technology of the blockchain, a complete set of Metaspace underlying public chain is built. Developers can create game modules and deploy game rules and contracts on the underlying public chain to help top R&D teams on the Metaspace underlying public chain. To achieve more application ecosystem construction, Meta space will also continue to launch more on-chain games developed based on Meta space's underlying public chain technology; t
  • Capitol Hill was occupied once more

    On November 25, 2021 at 00:00 (EST), 45 delegates from 5 states, including Texas, New York, California, Florida and Illinois, launched a web conference with the aim of taking over Capitol Hill.
  • Quit Smoking with Voopoo UK in Black Friday

    After Stoptober Bus Tour, how will Voopoo UK continue to help the smokers quit smoking? There is a good news that this black Friday VooPoo UK is partnering with its online retail friends to launch the VooPoo black Friday super saver special! During this event everyone will have the chance to pick up a VooPoo device for as little as £1.00! however this is first come first serve and stocks will be limited, so make sure you keep checking those websites! This Promotion will be running from 24th of November until black Friday.
  • Dragbar 600 is different and better for quit smoking

    The UK Government has announced that its ambition is for England to be smokefree by 2030, and It’s going in the right direction. In 2018, 14.4% of the adult population in England were smokers, down from 19.3% five years before. That’s a decline of nearly a quarter and brings the number of smokers in England down to around 6 million. There’s still a long way to go to drop smoking rates to 5% or less.
  • Identification of auxiliary circuit board of inkjet printer

    On the circuit board, we often see a variety of identification information, which can play the functions of marking, recording, tracking, and tracing. There are many devices that can realize this data coding. Inkjet printer is one of them. It has high-cost performance and is also one of the identification devices selected by many manufacturers.
  • How To Profit From“Danidata”?

    Are you interested in my “rags to riches” story? The secrets lie behind Danidata, which is, undoubtedly, one of the most welcomed football platforms. This platform is especially famous for its unique contrarian investment, thus making large numbers of football fans worldwide fondle admirably, and traders profit easily in the market.


BAT International, the latest sensation, captioned to bring you up to speed


BAT International is a big stage for all people to raise money to grab a single mining, using the business model of all people raising money, then combining with stop-loss rebirth, leading global users to build a global consensus mine, creating the BAT International mining industry in the mining circle. The original intention of the establishment of BAT International is to use its own advantages to promote a big alliance in the mining industry, to realize the common construction and sharing of resources, in order to cope with the current cold period of the world economic market. Use blockchain technology to develop the next decade of the world's economic direction. Let the general public also enjoy the dividends brought by blockchain development.

IPFS and ETH miners, arguably the hottest topic from 2020 to the most profitable "money generating tool", often time and time again, the uncertainty, wealth and opportunity often pass by, combined with the big bull market brought about by the halving of bitcoin, but also to the entire mining industry pushed to a peak, combined with the halving of bitcoin The bull market brought about by the halving of bitcoin has pushed the entire mining industry to a peak, and looking back, more than 70% of the people in the cryptocurrency world rose to prominence in the mining world! BAT International's crowdfunding model opens up the era of mining for all.

Crowdfunding success: 1-3 days for 1 period, the consensus is full to open the second period, the second period position increment 35%, that is, 1350U, the third period in the second period based on the increment of 35%, and so on, three consecutive periods of crowdfunding success, the settlement of the first period of earnings, can be compounded to enlarge the participation of the principal and subsequent earnings.

Crowdfunding failure: In the process of following the incremental increase of the crowdfunding amount from time to time, after all, the crowdfunding amount will increase and the crowdfunding is not enough, then those who have not raised the full amount in the last period will return 100% of the participating principal, and the penultimate and third periods will return 50% U + 50% BT, which will be used to exchange for mining machines or to realize value-added realizations through ecology.

Six highlights of the project.

1. Open and transparent funding, no bubbles, longer lasting project!

2, scientific and efficient, on-demand crowdfunding, control in not control out, avoid the risk of large capital investment!

3, dynamic, static windfall, high return on investment!

4, capital control into not control out, to reduce the risk!

5, the bottom of the reborn, no harm to people, no cushion of worry!

6、USDT participation, no policy risk!

BAT International - new finance, new species, the function of the blockchain to carry value and transfer value to the extreme, the blockchain of equality, open concept to the extreme, BAT International will allow hundreds of millions of users of assets more free, to create wealth within reach of a large number of users, choose BAT International, seize the business opportunity, go all out! Choose BAT International, seize the business opportunity and go all out! 

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