Winning recognition! NatureSpan stand out in the WholeFoods 2024 Natural Choice Awards



NatureSpan made its debut at the Natural Products Expo West in the United States, a display that signifies the brand's leading position in cardiovascular health and skin care. Its personalized health solutions are even renowned for their medical recognition worldwide.

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The Natural Products Expo West in the United States is one of the largest global exhibitions for natural products and organic foods. Each year, it attracts manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and industry experts from around the world who focus on the field of health and sustainable living, providing an important platform for industry exchanges.


Meanwhile, at the WholeFoods 2024 Natural Choice Awards, two products from NatureSpan - "Heart Health for your CoQ10 Ubiquinol" and "Skin Care for your Skin Probiotic" - won the runner-up for Positive Nutritio in March 2024.

This award not only affirms the brand's constant pursuit of excellence and innovation, but also recognizes its professionalism and leadership in the field of biomedical innovation.

NatureSpan has always taken the responsibility of leading the trend in biomedical innovation, upholding the professional background of traditional natural therapies of its founder, Bob Miller.

From the initial Tree of Life Clinic to today's NatureSpan , we continually explore new areas of functional genomics analysis to provide users with personalized and precise nutritional solutions. We invest in in-depth research, exploring the application of high-quality patented raw materials worldwide, promoting innovation in biotechnology, and injecting continuous vitality into the field of human health.

These two products represent NatureSpan Probiotics' outstanding achievements in the fields of cardiovascular health and skin care.

"Heart Health for your CoQ10 Ubiquinol" integrates the latest biotechnology and nutrition science, providing a highly personalized cardiovascular health plan. The Coenzyme Q10 it contains can enhance myocardial energy production, thus effectively treating cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, Coenzyme Q10 plays an important role in improving the quality of eggs and sperm and improving cardiovascular health. It is not only a protective factor for ovarian tissue, but it also promotes the maturation and fertilization of oocytes, improves the vitality of male sperm, and significantly improves myocardial energy production. The principle of the action of Coenzyme Q10 lies in it being an important part of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, providing necessary energy for reproductive cells.

In addition to Coenzyme Q10, PQQ as a natural antioxidant has also received much attention. Research shows that PQQ can not only protect the ovaries from the effects of aging, but also has multiple benefits such as anti-diabetes, neuroprotection, and memory enhancement. Its mechanisms of action include promoting cell proliferation and inhibiting cell apoptosis, providing comprehensive protection for ovarian health.


The "Skin Care for your Skin Probiotic" product is a skincare treasure that NatureSpan brings to your skin. It contains the highest quality three probiotic ingredients to improve skin microbiome health, support skin cell renewal, and balance the skin ecosystem. In addition, the product also adds ingredients such as astaxanthin, lycopene, and vitamin A, which complement the probiotics. Just taking two small pills a day can reinforce skin barriers, giving you smooth and healthy skin. It promotes the balance of the skin microbiome, accelerates skin cell renewal, and provides a comprehensive skin care solution.


NatureSpan will take this opportunity to showcase its latest skin probiotic product series, and actively participate in in-depth exchanges and cooperation with other industry leaders.


This exhibition also provides a platform for NatureSpan to showcase its product innovation and technical strength, making it more noticeable in the health industry. At the same time, the exhibition will also be an important opportunity for NatureSpan to interact directly with consumers, thereby better understanding consumer needs and continuously improving product quality and service experience.

The Natural Products Expo West in the western United States is not only a platform for product display but also an important window for understanding industry trends and dynamics. NatureSpan Probiotics can take this opportunity to gain a deep understanding of market demands and industry trends, continuously innovate, and improve products, providing consumers with more personalized, high-quality health solutions.

NatureSpan will appear at the next Natural Products Expo West in the western United States with a brand new look and a more diverse product line, demonstrating its persistent pursuit and innovative spirit for the development of the health industry, bringing more inspiration and surprises to the industry.

At this vibrant and well-known exhibition, NatureSpan had the opportunity to engage in in-depth exchanges with top manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and industry experts from around the world, jointly exploring the future development trends and innovative directions of the health industry.


The Natural Products Expo West in the United States marks a new milestone for NatureSpan in the health industry. We express our heartfelt thanks to the Natural Products Expo West. It has bestowed brilliant achievements upon NatureSpan.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to "Natural Products Expo West" and "WholeFoods" for their endorsement and support of our brand, NatureSpan. Such acknowledgement serves as the propelling force driving us to excel and ascend to the pinnacle of the health industry. Concurrently, we express our sincere appreciation to each member of our team. Your diligence and intellect have been instrumental in forging the success of NatureSpan . United, let's persist in elevating NatureSpan to a vanguard position in the industry, thereby contributing to the enhancement of global health and beauty.

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