Bitop’s BTOP Token is Revolutionizing the Crypto Industry


The world’s leading cryptocurrency crypto CFD trading exchange in Singapore, Bitop, has been paving the way to the latest technological trends in the blockchain industry and developed high-class financial derivative services upgrading the industry and enriching more scenarios for digital currency exchange platforms.


BTOP, a native token of Bitop Exchange that has come to revolutionize and resolve common issues in the big data industry thanks to its advanced technical notion. It allows customers to seamlessly trade, conduct transactions of any size, and have a free and open trading, secure deposits and withdrawal environment.

The native token is the only business value transfer medium circulating on the platform and has the dual functions of payment method and identity marking in the Bitop ecosystem. It powers the platform’s collateralized lending attribute and combines DeFi and centralized exchange to institute collateral lending into its ecological constructor, granting customers a clear and straightforward experience.

Bitop’s central network utilises proof of stake (POS), where the weight of the validating node depends on the total number of tokens of interest entrusted to and it can be held directly by the validating node or it can proxy the tokens of other BTOP holders. Any user in the system can apply to become a validator by initiating a validation campaign.

With a total supply of 2 billion BTOP tokens, the digital exchange platform is making its way to become one of the leading, innovative and rewarding podiums in the multi-billion crypto industry.


About Bitop

Launched in 2018 and with offices in the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The platform has opened a new sphere for decentralized digital currency exchanges with a high-technology user experience and efficient performance. The platform is managed by an executive team of top professionals with plenty of years of experience in the financial industry and has secured MSB (Money Services Business) licensing in the US and is currently waiting for approval in Canada.

Bitop has committed to solving the problems of decentralized exchanges as well as the potential huge crisis in the digital era. Based on the construction of a strong underlying technology of their exchange, the company has a clear direction for their future goals to become the top platform in the digital assets industry.

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