• China Digital Assets Depository and Clearing Co., Limited and China Digital Asset Limited jointly launch the EASTIP Platform

    EASTIP.IO, a digital art trading platform jointly created by China Digital Asset Limited (Hong Kong) and China Digital Assets Depository and Clearing Co., Limited (Hong Kong), will be officially launched at 20:22 pm on May 26. And the world first batch of EASTIP commemorative digital medal will be launched, with which users can enjoy the cross-chain cost of HKD 99/year, greatly reducing the global circulation cost of digital arts.
  • Green Options Transforming Air Conditioning Industry through Individual Temperature Control

    The air conditioning industry has been impacting the health of the planet for energy consumption and environmental pollution through the years. But TORRAS, a pioneering brand of personal cooling, is making a significant breakthrough. They launched the neck air conditioner, COOLIFY2, which brings new changes through individual temperature control.
  • Gear Motors Help to Achieve Automation of Healthcare Industry

    Since the breakdown of the COVID-19, the healthcare industry has been greatly changed by the pandemic. One of the future trends in the industry is automation. According to KFF, as of the week ending March 20, 2022, the most recent data available, 28% of nursing facilities reported at least one staffing shortage (approximately 3,900 out of 14,000 facilities). These staffing shortages have made the use of automation more necessary than ever to ensure patients can continue to receive the care they need.
  • Three Reasons To Choose A Laser Marking Machine

    Laser printers have many advantages, and many customers have begun to use laser printers, which are already common in some beverages, medicines, personal skin care products, tobacco and alcohol industries that we have seen. As more and more users praise, let more users know the benefits of laser machines and start consulting and are willing to buy and install laser printers. Under this trend, Shanghai Yuchang is willing to provide a full range of services.
  • Hunting talents, selecting talents, investing in talents and cultivating talents

    On May 19, 2022, in order to thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of the central conference on talent-related work and the national talent development plan during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and speed up the construction of the world’s important talent center and innovation hubs, with the slogan of “gathering talents to create a better future”, hosted by Guangzhou Talent Group and assisted by Guangzhou Talent Group’s Assessment Center, the unveiling ceremony of Talent Capital Investment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Nanfang International Headhunting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., and semin
  • NNB Nutrition Files New Patent of Anti-Aging benefits on Ergothioneine

    MitoPrime®(L-Ergothioneine), the New“Longevity Vitamin”, employs the Previously Unknown Nutrient Transporter ETT (OCTN1). L-Ergothioneine is often considered the most comprehensive oral Antioxidant known, which exhibits profound anti-inflammatory actions and protects DNA & mtDNA.


Nongfu Spring Becomes mainstream of the Beverage Market and Creates Greater Value with its Diversified Product Matrix



When it comes to innovation, there are innovative brands, innovative products and innovative ideas. In an era where a great variety of brands and products are just like countless flowers bloom together, brands often need to make multi-dimensional innovations based on the correct strategic direction to rejuvenate the brands and products, win the competition, keep up with market changes and lead market development. Even brands that have long dominated the market will wittily make dynamic adjustment and continuously enhance their brand competitiveness focusing on innovation. Nongfu Spring is a good example of how to conduct a brand, break through the regular marketing routines and turn the marketing of a new product into the marketing of a new category, which is more difficult to copy, and bring new value and significance to the development of the drinking water market.


It is not hard to see that Nongfu Spring always has the ability to make its advertising slogans deeply rooted in the hearts of people and frequently mentioned among people. The first generation of advertising words, "Nongfu Spring tastes a bit sweet", highlights the water quality and taste and shapes the brand connotation. The second generation of advertising words goes that "We do not produce water. We are porters of nature", focusing on natural and healthy water sources and quality assurance. The third generation of advertising words is "Every drop of water has its source", placing great value on the water source. The fourth generation of advertising words, "what kind of water, breeds what kind of life", combines drinking water with human health. Nongfu Spring also changed its advertising method from print advertisements to micro films, with aims to touch the hearts of consumers and make the "natural and healthy" feature deeply rooted in the hearts of the people through the detailed records of the natural scenery of water sources.

As for category development, Nongfu Spring can be rated as Huangpu Military Academy of brands. The enterprise has created various brands such as Nongfu Spring, Farmer’s Orchard, Victory Vitamin Water, Water-soluble C100, Homogenized Milk Tea, Oriental Leaf and Tea π, some of which have become top players in the market segments. Nongfu Spring has been making constant efforts to develop and innovate beverage products. In 2020, its products such as soda drink, sparkling flavored drink, coffee, and plant-based yogurt achieve a cumulative growth of more than 100% compared with the previous year. As the product matrix continues to expand, Nongfu Spring starts to tailor different marketing methods for different brands. For instance, "Tea π, creates an unique style of yourself", "It’s better to let you scream than make your heart beat" and "Farmer's Orchard, shake before drinking". These advertising words accurately connect with young people and highlight the brand personality and vitality. Beyond these attractive advertising slogans, Nongfu Spring also invited stars popular with young to endorse for its brands, such as Quan Zhilong, G dragon and more. Nongfu Spring places great value on marketing and creates inventive advertising language and appealing micro films, thus enabling a "natural and healthy" brand image.


Nongfu Spring also doubles its effort on the bottle body. The bottle body design of the high-end drinking water costs the team nearly 5 years to finish. The exquisite packaging design not only gives consumers a visual impact and increases their desire to buy, but also creates buzz topics in society and drives traffic. Nongfu Spring is good at combining the bottle body with multi elements and multi scenarios and thinking outside the box to achieve marketing of crossing fields and crossing scenarios. For instance, Nongfu Spring Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Bottle features "popular film and television dramas + classical Chinese style + modern catchwords". It is worth mentioning that the product packaging of Nongfu Spring has won international design awards for many times. The award-winning packaging includes the packaging of Oriental Leaf, new Scream Energy Drink and more. The unique bottle body design has become a major marketing advantage of Nongfu Spring.

Looking ahead, if Nongfu Spring can continuously update and launch healthier products of high quality in accordance with market changes, address consumers' needs for ever-upgraded product quality, accurately identify interest demands, select appropriate marketing methods and channels and vigorously develop crossover marketing, it is likely to make a big leap in brand promotion.

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