The world's first inscription casting aggregator-Hive Hive aggregator completely detonates the encryption market


Since the emergence of the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol in January 2023, BRC20, Ordinals assets, etc. have set off a wave on the Bitcoin chain. Some people call it "the world of retail investors" because of the Fair Launch mode of BRC20 and other inscriptions, all chips are made by Retail investors cast it by themselves, with no institutions, no project parties, and no rat warehouses. Among them, the Ordi casting cost is about 1 USD per piece. After being listed on Gate, it rose to 20,000 USD per piece. The exaggerated increase caused the popularity of the BRC20 protocol to continue to rise, attracting many Ordinals players to pour into BRC20, and also caused the Gas on the Bitcoin chain to increase. It continues to rise, and the lowest confirmed Gas at the peak even reached 400 s/vb, breaking through the highest Gas in three years.

Investors poured in one after another, the market was active, and the price of inscriptions also increased significantly. This round of popularity shows that the inscription market still has strong appeal, rekindling people's enthusiasm for digital assets. The zero-elimination game in the Meme field has appeared again on Inscription. In just a few months, there has been a 10,000-fold increase. This increase is enough to make countless people flock to it. This is the encryption circle, and this is Inscription.

Judging from the development of the Inscription track, there will be more and more types of assets in the Inscription field, and more and more traders will participate in Inscription transactions. Another good trend is that the inscription track is developing into new application fields, such as ETHS's Layer 2 expansion plan. At the same time, the inscription assets are no longer just FOMO narratives, but can represent a new and more lightweight Asset types, and the inscription market will also develop in a broader direction and be integrated with many crypto fields.

As an early innovator and layout player in the DEX field, UniSwap has led a new wave of on-chain transactions. HIVE Hive Aggregator, as an early layout player in the Inscription Track, is leading the new trend of Inscription aggregation transactions and is expected to establish its leading position in the Inscription Track.

HIVE's Chinese name: Honeycomb Aggregator is the world's first inscription casting aggregator built on the side chain. It was invested and initiated by HIVE DIGITAL, a well-known Canadian cryptocurrency mining company. It invested 60 million US dollars in early research and development and determined to build a Honeycomb aggregator. It has become a new place for various inscriptions to be cast and investors to gather.

Honeycomb aggregator is the world's first inscription casting aggregator. It can support and be compatible with public chain inscription protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc. That is, users can use Honeycomb aggregator to cast inscriptions in various public chains and side chain systems. Inscription assets enable one-click retrieval and trading without the need to go to some specific markets to capture assets.

Honeycomb aggregator will support packaging all transaction data on the chain. Users only need extremely low transaction fees during the actual transaction process, and the transaction can be completed with almost 0 Gas. At the same time, Honeycomb Aggregator has also built a very unique order book mechanism to more conveniently support transactions of various inscription assets.

With the help of Hive aggregator, anyone can quickly launch a new inscription asset or collect or purchase other assets. At present, the unique technical solution of Honeycomb Aggregator is also bringing new scalability, which is expected to provide a foundation for all EVM compatible chains and various public chain inscriptions.

In the future, Honeycomb Aggregator will carry out full-chain expansion to integrate more inscription asset markets and become a long-term leader in the inscription track craze.

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